Not too old for Halloween fun

Trick-or-treating! Illustration by Gabbie Evans.


As the 31st quickly approaches, I am reminded of the times spent racing from house to house just to add to the already towering mountain of candy waiting for me in the car. I went trick-or-treating in my neighborhood — and all of the surrounding ones — until I turned 13.

And though I may be a little old for the door to door scene now, being a college kid certainly does not mean that I am too old for Halloween

Just in case you need convincing, here are three suggestions for college kids who have not yet exceeded the so-called age limit on Halloween.

De-stress, Get creative.

Whether cute or creepy, the sense of accomplishment that accompanies putting together a successful costume is enough to make anyone feel a little better about all that homework that still needs to get finished before the weekend is over.

Halloween is the one day a year that you can become another person, head to toe. Dressing up in costume is not uncool; in fact, it is just as fun as you remember, if not more so.

Rather than just choosing a pre-made costume out of the party supply section, try to get a little creative. Mix and match, use items from your own closet, watch a makeup tutorial or two, because it is the process of creating an idea that will be different from every other costume at the party that is the real fun.

And, of course, getting to show it off.        

Work that sugar rush.

Any time that your average college student is presented with the opportunity to relive a little piece of their childhood, chances are they will jump on it.

Likewise, if they are presented with the opportunity to eat a large quantity of sugary goodness that made the last night of October one worth waiting for in elementary school, chances are they will not choose to miss out.

For all the other days that you can eat healthy in a year, let Halloween be one of your cheat days. That candy is not going to do anyone any good sitting in that bowl looking pretty.

Document your spooky adventures.

In the same way that looking back at photos of your younger self all decked out for Halloween are hilariously cute now, years down the road you will want pictures of college-you having fun, too. You are already dressed up and in the midst of a sugar high, so strike a pose.

Take it from me, you will enjoy the Halloween season so much more if you celebrate it with the same enthusiasm as you did when trick-or-treating was the social event of the season.

No matter what anyone tells you in the contrary, take the chance to dress up, eat some (most) candy, and make sure that you get a couple of cool pictures along the way. Happy Halloween!


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