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Tutors, archivists and preservationists

Tutors, archivists and preservationists

The Student Employee of the Year Awards luncheon was held on April 12. All student employee nominees and their supervisors were invited to the ceremony in the Johnson Board Room. Photos by Jonathan Wang.   Senior Arie Likhtman was awarded the Student Employee Leadership Award for his work in the Speaker’s Lab. Senior Stasia Raebel, also

Tiny love stories

“For the second year in a row, the Collegian asked the Butler community to share their ‘tiny love stories’ in the vein of the New York Times series of the same name. Spanning from romantic love to self-love, from familial love to platonic love, from love for a pet to love for a hobby, these love stories — all in 100 words or shorter — are sure to tug at even the toughest of heartstrings.”