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Collegian has done good work this year, hoping to do better

MARC ALLAN | PUBLIC EDITOR   Back in late summer, when I introduced myself as the first public editor of The Butler Collegian, I said my intention was to be “the explainer”—the person who would help readers understand why the newspaper operates the way it does and how decisions are made. If there was a

Collegian piece may not have addressed full issue.

In response to the Collegian’s “Like a Rolling Stone”: I am a proud member of the ranks of Butler University alumni. I am also close to joining the ranks of University of Virginia alumni. I’ve seen, first-hand, the deep concern of its undergraduate students in the wake of the Rolling Stone article “A Rape on

From us to you: Enduring freshman year

ALEX BARTLOW | ASST. OPINION EDITOR & ALEXIS PRICE | OPINION COLUMNIST College: the introduction to the beginning of our lives. Parties, beer pong, fountain jumping, frat boys walking around in togas. Everything the movies taught us about what to expect in our first years of college. However, movies do not teach you about some

Goodbye and good luck

HAYLEY ROSS | OPINION COLUMNIST   Dear Seniors, I cannot imagine what you must be feeling right now. I am almost finished with my sophomore year, and I am panicking about the fact that college is halfway over for me. The looming threat of leaving college behind and starting the real world hangs over me,

The truth about college

EMILY ZALEWSKI | GUEST COLUMNIST College is… College is taking an 8 a.m. first semester, because I started class at 7:30 in high school, so this should be no biggie, right? College is dreading the words “group project.” College is making VooDoo dolls of the people in your group. College is buying a textbook for

Death at the stake

CHRISTIAN HARTSELLE | OPINION COLUMNIST Before a Massachusetts jury Saturday, lawyers conceded that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the then 19-year-old and his brother planted bombs, killing three people and injuring almost 270 more during the 2013 Boston Marathon. Of the 30 counts brought against Tsarnaev, 17 of them are considered death penalty offenses. To be frank, I

Like a rolling stone

PAIGE LISTON | OPINION COLUMNIST Last November “Rolling Stone” magazine published an article entitled “A Rape on Campus.” The article described a vicious gang rape that took place on the University of Virginia’s campus as part of an initiation rite during a Phi Kappa Psi fraternity party. The account was extremely detailed, right down to

Don’t believe me? Just watch.

CHRISTIAN HARTSELLE | OPINION COLUMNIST You can pre-order the game-changing Apple Watch starting April 10. Apple recommends ordering online to avoid the chaos of its stores on product release days — at 3:01 a.m. for the Butler community. Apple advertises the watch as luxurious and personal: “You’ll feel a gentle tap with each incoming message.”

IMA changes admission

ALEXIS PRICE | OPINION COLUMNIST Just living 40 minutes from downtown Indianapolis, I had heard of the Indianapolis Museum of Art before. And I had always intended to visit at some point. I love museums. I love culture, and art, and experiencing new things—especially free things. Up until April 7, the IMA offered free admission