The truth about college


College is…

College is taking an 8 a.m. first semester, because I started class at 7:30 in high school, so this should be no biggie, right?

College is dreading the words “group project.”

College is making VooDoo dolls of the people in your group.

College is buying a textbook for $150.

College is using it twice.

College is getting $12 back from the bookstore on the book.

College is wondering how they can make a new edition of a Spanish book. Has the language changed since the beginning of the semester?

College is panicking when the sandwich station is out of provolone cheese.

College is walking through the dining hall, turning around and driving to Chick-Fil-A.

College is running out of Flex dollars by mid-March.

College is mooching off friends for their Flex dollars.

College is having a countdown until you get to go home again.

College is feeling like a stranger in your own home.

College is realizing that life at home is actually pretty boring.

College is realizing how annoying your family is.

College is wishing to be back on your own schedule.

College is actually missing being at school.

College is finding out you are not ready to be an adult yet.

College is sharing a 10-foot-by-10-foot room with a complete stranger.

College is – wait, that sounds a lot like prison.

College is thinking you are going to be inseparable.

College is being completely wrong.

College is passive-aggressiveness at its finest.

College is “don’t let the little things get to you” –my mom.

College is “her sneeze is so annoying.”

College is “could she be chewing any louder?”

College is “cough one more time, I dare you.”

College is getting another roommate during the semester: your roommate’s boyfriend.

College is just wanting to find the Ross to your Chandler.

College is “What house are you in?”

College is “Oh, independent? I’m sorry.”

College is calling your dad in tears about not having any friends.

College is wanting to transfer schools.

College is talking to the girl next to you in math class.

College is being delighted that she loves Taylor Swift, too.

College is comparing favorite songs from “1989.”

College is making friends that you know you will have forever.

College is the best four years of your life!

College is “that’s bullshit.”

…or maybe it isn’t. I’ll let you know.