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Cancer 101

BLAKELY HEATON | STAFF REPORTER | Merriam-Webster defines cancer as the following: cancer | noun | can·cer | \ˈkan(t)-sər\ : a serious disease caused by cells that are not normal and that can spread to one or many parts of the body. Cancer is a disease where certain cells in the body divide and grow abnormally.

Service held for Smith

ANNIE WEBER| NEWS EDITOR |   Smith continues to help others A funeral service for Andrew Smith was held at Trader’s Point Christian Church on Sunday, Jan. 17. The service, honoring Smith’s life, was not about his time in Hinkle, but rather his love of Christ. Attendees began filling the large sanctuary an hour

BUDM continues tradition, remembers Andrew Smith

SAM KNEPPRATH | CULTURE REPORTER |   Cancer, like any other life-threatening disease that plagues society, is a serious issue and deserves attention from medical scientists. That being said, those who are not part of the crème de la crème of oncologists can support the fight against cancer through the art of dance. Whether

Supporting Smith: People donate blood and send prayers

ELIZABETH HACKL | CULTURE ASST. EDITOR |   From blood banks to a high school community, people are supporting Andrew Smith and his legacy, after he died last week from cancer. Support comes in all shapes and sizes, from donations to prayers. In 2015, more than 1.6 million people were predicted to develop cancer,

Smith continues to help others

KIRSTIN ADAIR | ASST. NEWS EDITOR | The American Cancer Society predicted more than 1.5 million people would be diagnosed with cancer in 2015. However, patients are not the only people affected by the disease. From the moment Andrew Smith was diagnosed with cancer, his wife Samantha was by his side. She stayed with

AS44, Honoring Moose’s memory

DANA LEE | SPORTS REPORTER   Andrew Smith was a hero on the court, to the fans in the stands and at home.  He tallied 1,147 career points. He was a hero under a national spotlight–a member of the Butler men’s basketball team during their chase for an NCAA championship in 2010 and 2011. Heroes

Stay Positive club helps keep spirits up on campus

TESSA WOHLBERG | STAFF REPORTER | Dawg Pound students dressed in white t-shirts provided by Stay Positive, a club founded at Butler University, to honor Andrew Smith, affectionately known as Moose. Butler graduate Eric Day ‘15,a two-time brain cancer survivor, founded the club while he attended school. He started Stay Positive to spread the message

Win against St. John’s helps BU Stay Positive

ZACH HORRALL | ASST. SPORTS EDITOR | On the third annual Stay Positive Day at Hinkle Fieldhouse, the Butler University men’s basketball team pulled through in memory of former teammate Andrew Smith and defeated St. John’s University 78-58. Smith, 25, died on Jan. 12 after a two-year battle with cancer. He was diagnosed with an

All about bone marrow

MATTHEW FLECKENSTEIN | STAFF REPORTER |   Bone marrow is often overlooked, but for Andrew Smith and others affected by cancer bone marrow donation is an important part in their hope for recovery. Andrew Smith’s death reminded the Indianapolis community that bone marrow transplants can help save lives and donors are needed everyday.         Bone

Dealing with the “L” word

Photo from Public Domain Pictures ALEXIS PRICE | OPINION EDITOR | My grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer nine years ago; my aunt was diagnosed just last year. In 2010, my mom discovered she had cervical cancer, right after my brother was born. But I never lost anyone to cancer. When I tried to think