Supporting Smith: People donate blood and send prayers



From blood banks to a high school community, people are supporting Andrew Smith and his legacy, after he died last week from cancer.

Support comes in all shapes and sizes, from donations to prayers.

In 2015, more than 1.6 million people were predicted to develop cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. Cancer requires chemotherapy, which requires blood transfusions, sometimes daily.

Every two seconds someone in the United States needs blood, according to the Red Cross.

There are three blood banks nearby Butler University: Indiana Blood Center, CSL Plasma and PlasmaCare Indianapolis. All three locations welcome Butler students and encourage an increase in helping cancer patients.

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The current Covenant Christian basketball team went to Saturday’s game to honor Smith –      Photo courtesy of Beth Thompson

Blood banks encourage even more locals to rise up and donate blood to save lives, hoping Smith’s story will help inspire action by community members. The Indiana Blood Center teamed up with the Butler community to honor Andrew Smith and others fighting cancer by frequently hosting blood drives and opening its doors to daily blood donations.

After the September blood drive on Butler’s campus, this environment upholds Smith’s legacy by donating the blood to other cancer patients in the area.

Smith’s high school alma mater is also stepping up to support his legacy and his family. The support is not physical like blood donations. It is spiritual support through prayer.

Butler University first year student Beth Thompson said her Covenant Christian high school community overall has been a huge support for his family.  

Smith and his legacy will live on in the Indianapolis community through the efforts of people in the area.