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Henri Matisse

WRITTEN BY HANNAH HARTZELL, STAFF REPORTER French artist Henri Matisse (1869-1954) was well known for his artistically bold uses of color and pattern. But there is also great depth and detail to Matisse’s work, which visitors to the Indianapolis Museum of Art can now see for themselves in “Matisse, Life in Color: Masterworks from The

Majestic African Textiles traces history through garments

WRITTEN BY GINNY SPELLMAN, STAFF REPORTER The Indianapolis Museum of Art presents a comprehensive collection of African garments in its Majestic African Textiles exhibition. This limited-time display includes an assortment of royal garments, ritual wear and intricately decorated items from North and sub-Saharan Africa. Each garment in the collection  is significant and showcases the beauty

Broken Pieces: Ai Weiwei at the IMA

Chinese social activist and artist Ai Weiwei says in his blog that “modernity cannot exist without freedom of speech.” He uses his art and the Internet to exert his right to free speech and to protect the rights of others. The Indianapolis Museum of Art is currently hosting a large exhibition of Ai’s works called

In the dark, JACK Quartet comes out to play

The lights will dim and the room will go black—pitch black. Audience members will squirm in their seats, surrounded by darkness they won’t be able to escape. Then the music will begin. The Ensemble Music Society is bringing in the JACK Quartet, one of the nation’s top contemporary string quartets. The JACK Quartet will perform

Exhibits worth exploring: “Graphite” and “Timeless Beauty”

Rarely-used materials and a Japanese perspective on beauty are the focus of new exhibits currently at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. “Timeless Beauty” is a celebration of beautiful women in Japanese art, and “Graphite” explores the innovative ways in which artists are using the graphite medium. “Timeless Beauty,” which opened Jan. 11, features a Japanese

Balinese dance featured in performance

The sharp twang of traditional gamelan instruments mixed with colorful, gold-leafed costumes and precise hand movements are bringing Balinese culture to the Indianapolis community this semester. Butler University theatre students dove headfirst into the artistic practices of Bali—an island province of Indonesia—during the past two weeks in preparation for this weekend’s Balinese Spectacular performance at

Art review: “Snapshot”

In this era of Instagram and iPhoto, it is difficult to imagine a time when photography was a practice exclusively for professionals. The dawn of amateur photography in the late 19th century, following the invention of handheld cameras, is the subject of a special exhibit at the Indianapolis Museum of Art this summer. “Snapshot: Painters