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Classic set for state rivalries

In 10 days, the men’s basketball team will return to downtown Indianapolis for the second time since a heartbreaking national runner-up finish in 2010. But when the Bulldogs head back Dec. 15, they won’t face the Associated Press’ third-ranked team, like Duke was that year. This time, they’ll face No. 1 Indiana University at Bankers

OPINION | Indiana should take Ritz seriously

Many people might have gotten caught up in the national election results last Tuesday. So for those who don’t know: Glenda Ritz was elected state superintendent of public instruction. The Indiana government needs to respect that. Ritz won over incumbent Tony Bennett, who pushed a voucher system that financed students transferring out of public schools.

OPINION | Local trial represents a call for student action

Indiana is prosecuting a local woman, Bei Bei Shuai, after she attempted suicide while pregnant. This case bears far-reaching implications for women nationwide because it grants the state more power over the choices of pregnant women. Since the outcome of this trial ultimately affects all women, Butler University students can and should get involved. All

Fort Wayne News-Sentinel: Stevens motivates without the drama

By Tom Davis, The Fort Wayne News-Sentinel INDIANAPOLIS — Butler Men’s Basketball Coach Brad Stevens grew up in the shadow of Indiana’s Bob Knight and Purdue’s Gene Keady, but his path to athletic success hasn’t been similar to the ones taken by those legendary coaches. Keady was known for his scowl and fire that could

America’s man Mitch?

It seems as though the smoke is still settling from the historic elections of 2008. Barack Obama, after riding a wave of “change” into the White House, has finally gotten settled and is now attempting to push through his legislative agenda. However, people are already asking the next big question, “Who’s up in 2012?” The