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Students pursue off-campus summer studies

Butler University students who want to crack open their textbooks this summer outside of the Butler Bubble may have to jump through a few extra hoops in order to get credit. Getting transfer credit for courses requires approval from the department head, the dean of the college or the core administrator and the student’s adviser

OPINION | Service learning should serve more

Butler University incorporates service learning—volunteer work—into several courses. Frankly, Bulldogs should be even more involved in the community, and the university should incentivize them. I’ve heard faculty and students complain about the confines of the Butler Bubble, of being trapped in a world unrelated to Indianapolis. My advice? Go out and volunteer around the city.

OPINION | Mandatory volunteering doesn’t help

Baby-sitting small children sounds like fun for some people. I am not one of those people. I am all for helping the world. My version of helping the world though is not making sure that all the students at a community center have their afternoon snacks and play nicely on the playground. Through the university’s

OPINION | Commencement speakers deserve a stipend

College graduation is a big deal. It’s a huge deal. It’s a deal big enough that schools like Stanford University, Harvard University and the College of William and Mary have had commencement speakers such as Steve Jobs, J.K Rowling and Jon Stewart. While Butler University is not Harvard or Stanford, it is unacceptable that the

Four student groups come together to put on events for Peace Week

Four student organizations will hold events both on campus and around Indianapolis in honor of Peace Week, in hopes of raising awareness about the issues of the world outside of the “Butler Bubble.” Books for Peace, Amnesty International, Butler Peace and Justice and SGA are the four organizations collaborating to run events for the week.

Challenging the ‘bubble’s’ world view

Clowes Memorial Hall is bringing in a new line-up of performers in different genres and backgrounds. This season at the concert hall, students in the “Butler bubble,” will be exposed to  different culture and forms of art. The fall 2010 schedule features concerts from “American Idol’s” Adam Lambert and Indiana’s own John Mellencamp. Other musical