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A Core Curriculum requirement impacting the community

A Core Curriculum requirement impacting the community

While it can be comforting to have a particular schedule to follow every day, that type of situation also does not provide the growth and expansive learning that the ICR can provide.

Courses give back to community

    Volunteering takes on a new meaning at Butler University with classes that have a service learning component. This component integrates both the traditional classroom setting and involvement in the Indianapolis community. Butler has offered service learning since the mid -1990s, but more students will be exposed to the program now because of the

Service-learning classes fulfill core community requirements

Changes in Butler University’s core curriculum sparked an increase in the number of service-learning courses offered to students as they start to enroll for the spring 2012 semester. More than 30 of Butler’s courses offered for the spring 2012 semester have service-learning components. The  core curriculum now includes a service-learning requirement for any sophomores, freshmen

OPINION | Service learning should serve more

Butler University incorporates service learning—volunteer work—into several courses. Frankly, Bulldogs should be even more involved in the community, and the university should incentivize them. I’ve heard faculty and students complain about the confines of the Butler Bubble, of being trapped in a world unrelated to Indianapolis. My advice? Go out and volunteer around the city.

OPINION | Mandatory volunteering doesn’t help

Baby-sitting small children sounds like fun for some people. I am not one of those people. I am all for helping the world. My version of helping the world though is not making sure that all the students at a community center have their afternoon snacks and play nicely on the playground. Through the university’s