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My neighbor is a Trip… No, literally!

My neighbor is a Trip… No, literally!

Photo courtesy of Madi McGuire. MADI MCGUIRE | OPINION COLUMNIST | mjmcguir@butler.edu As a sophomore, I am fortunate to live in Apartment Village after the big Fairview over-packing controversy. If you never lived in Ross or Schwitzer Hall, I cannot explain to you how exciting it is to have my own room, a single shower

Students jump on new student handler job

MIRANDA MARITATO STAFF REPORTER Butler students looking for a more “paws-on” employment opportunity on campus may be fit to be a handler for Butler’s live mascot, Blue III. The Butler Blue Crew is searching for Butler students to serve as Trip’s handlers and social media liaisons. The group will be composed of 15 to 20

Mascots in puppy-summit

While this may be Butler’s first year in the Atlantic 10 Conference, Blue II and Trip have already made a name for themselves on the East Coast with their Big Dawgs Tour. Over the weekend, the Butler bulldogs headed to Washington D.C. with Michael Kaltenmark, director of web marketing communications and the dogs’ caregiver, to

A school and its dog

Many Butler University professors, staff members and students have departed from the university in its 158-year history. However, the school will be replacing a unique individual in March: Butler Blue II. The nearly nine-year-old bulldog will pass on his duties as a live mascot to Trip in about a month. Michael Kaltenmark, director of web

More than a workout

Butler University’s got back. The LIVESTRONG cycling event 24 Hours of Booty is taking place at Butler for the first time, beginning June 29 at 7p.m. to raise awareness and support for LIVESTRONG and local cancer organizations. Weaving through the Butler campus and Tarkington neighborhood, the 3.5-mile loop was designed to allow participants to ride

MARRIED AT WORK | Partners of Butler’s top dogs on university payroll

Butler Blue II and Trip are not the only related top dogs that work in the same office—several of Butler’s top administrators have spouses or domestic partners on the university payroll. Butler’s practice of hiring its employees’ partners—including those of the university’s president, former provost, two associate provosts and a dean—is consistent with trends in