More than a workout

Butler University’s got back.

The LIVESTRONG cycling event 24 Hours of Booty is taking place at Butler for the first time, beginning June 29 at 7p.m. to raise awareness and support for LIVESTRONG and local cancer organizations.

Weaving through the Butler campus and Tarkington neighborhood, the 3.5-mile loop was designed to allow participants to ride as far as they wish.  While 24 Hours of Booty is an all-day biking event, participants do not have to ride for the 24 hours.

“Some participants are just coming out of treatment, and they maybe ride one lap,” executive director Basil Lyberg said. “Then you have someone trying to ride a hundred laps.  Each participant is celebrated equally.”

Bikers of all ages are able to participate in the non-competitive charity event. Lyberg said 24 Hours of Booty is a family event with much more than just biking.  There will be a festival complete with food, an expo area featuring sponsors and products, a children’s play area and a DJ.

Lyberg said the area where the festivities take place is called “Bootyville.”

Out of the entire Indianapolis area, Butler was specifically chosen to host the biking event.

Lyberg said the Butler community has been very supportive of the event and the mission of cancer awareness.  When it came time to find a location for the event, Butler was chosen by popular demand.

“Everyone kept telling me that we had to have it at Butler,” Lyberg said. “They said Butler has a beautiful campus and a great community, and the university will embrace something like this. They were exactly right.”

In addition to participants and spectators, two furry Butler residents will also be in attendance.  Director of web marketing communications and caretaker for Blue II and Trip, Michael Kaltenmark said both dogs will make an appearance at 24 Hours of Booty.

“We’ll be there for the kick-off of the event,” Kaltenmark said. “We want to reinforce the Butler presence and be a good host.  We will probably also make a lap through Bootyville.”

Kaltenmark said Blue II and Trip might ride the biking loop in their wagon depending on the decency of the weather.  While bad weather would prohibit the wagon ride, Kaltenmark said both dogs would still welcome all riders and participants.

In addition to bringing crowd-pleasers Blue II and Trip to the event, Kaltenmark said he also worked behind the scenes to help organize the event by recruiting participants and volunteers.

“I encourage anyone who is interested in cycling or passionate about helping to spread cancer awareness to take part in 24 Hours of Booty,” Kaltenmark said.
The event will take place on June 29-30 at Butler.

In order to participate, there is a $50 registration fee as well as a fundraising minimum of $200 for all participants.  Registration and more information are available online.


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