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OPINION | More free political discussion will liven campus thought

While people across the nation find themselves embroiled in political debate, Butler University locks itself out of the conversation. The campus lacks frank political discussion. Current policies block funding to overtly political student organizations on campus. This moratorium on public debate harms student experience and scholarship. Students on both ends of the political spectrum think

BU College Democrats, political organizations denied SGA grants

Butler University’s College Democrats was denied a grant from the Student Government Association due to the  organization’s political involvement. This has caused some people to question a long-standing policy in the SGA grants requirements and has led to confusion within many organizations. On Dec. 15, 2011, the SGA grants committee informed College Democrats that the

OPINION | SGA policy vetoes enrichment, political organizations

Butler University’s Student Government Association is actively limiting the ability of political groups on campus to educate the student population. The three main political groups—the Butler University College Democrats, the Butler University College Republicans and the Butler University Students for Liberty—should come together in an effort to change SGA’s policy so that SGA will fund