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Butler Collegian Newscast 01/18/23

Multimedia co-editor Ethan Polak has the latest on the Butler volleyball head coach taking a leave of absence as well as the Butler dance team competing at nationals for the first time in program history. Multimedia reporter Rachel Christie reports on the recent issues with the older buildings on campus.

OT: The policing of female athlete’s bodies in sports

The sexualization in women’s sports extends to what they wear as their uniforms. Women’s dress codes in sports are often determined by traditions that are both outdated and gendered.

Students shine in showcase

There is far more to dance than tutu-clad ballerinas moving to the music of Swan Lake. Such stereotypes fail to represent the vast world of contemporary dance. Fortunately, Butler University students will prepare and perform a variety of pieces for their peers to expose the true, full nature of dance. Butler dance students are preparing