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OT: The dehumanizing media coverage of Dwayne Haskins’ death

OT: The dehumanizing media coverage of Dwayne Haskins’ death

There is nothing wrong with providing the background of an athlete when they pass, but there is no purpose in emphasizing someone’s fault in their career.

OT: What to take away from Deshaun Watson’s press conference

After Jimmy Haslem revealed that the Cleveland Browns wanted an “adult” at the quarterback position, the Browns signed the 26-year-old Watson to the highest guaranteed contract in NFL history – despite the numerous allegations of sexual assault and misconduct levied against him.

OT: The policing of female athlete’s bodies in sports

The sexualization in women’s sports extends to what they wear as their uniforms. Women’s dress codes in sports are often determined by traditions that are both outdated and gendered.

Butler softball goes 3-2 in 2022 Spring Games

The Bulldogs went 3-2 and are now 7-4 overall on the season.

Staff Super Bowl LVI predictions

Before the big game, the Collegian’s sports section gives their picks on who they believe will be the winner of Super Bowl LVI.