Spring into new activities

Students enjoying the spring weather on the Mall. Photo by Natalie Goo

Spring is coming — but so is the end of the semester. This hectic time can bring students both excitement and stress. Just as classes are ramping up for the end of the year, the sun begins to peak out, and students long for a relaxing break outside. The Culture section has the answer. Here are Culture’s favorite spring activities to get through this chaotic end of the semester.  

ABIGAIL OAKLEY | CULTURE CO-EDITOR | aloakley@butler.edu 

Grab a book and hit the park! 

Imagine a beautiful spring evening. The sun is still providing just enough reading light and the sound of the leaves rustling and people chattering provide the perfect background noise. The breeze keeps it just cool enough to stay outside, but you can still feel the touch of the sun on your skin. This serene scenario is a great way to enjoy spring while engaging in a favorite hobby. Reading outside can also be a great change of scenery. After months of staying cooped up inside and staring at walls, taking a regular activity outside can be refreshing. Catch up on your reading for class or pick up a book for leisure and take it to your favorite park! 

MEGAN FULLER | CULTURE CO-EDITOR | mafuller@butler.edu 

Newfields! Newfields! Newfields! 

Looking for the perfect place for spring activities? Spend the day at Newfields, the Indianapolis Museum of Art campus, which offers free membership for Butler students. For nature lovers, Newfields spans 152 acres of gardens and forest scattered with sculptures from artists like Atelier Van Lieshout and Type A. Take the day to explore all of the blooming flowers in The Garden or take a tour of the historic Lilly House. If the day is rainy, head inside the museum and get lost in the four floors of art galleries and exhibitions. Interested in immersive surrealism? Try the THE LUME: Dalí Alive exhibit and learn about renowned Spanish painter Salvador Dalí. Become surrounded by swirling visuals of Dalí’s famous pieces and do not forget to check out the exhibit cafe, El Mercado Surreal. 

TIFFANY HOANG | CULTURE REPORTER | thoang2@butler.edu 

Stargazing with friends 

The day is not the only time to enjoy spring activities. Spread out on a cozy blanket over soft grass and spend some time stargazing after hours. If the sun happens to be too radiant and warm, lying against the cool ground when the temperature dips is a great alternative. Watching the luminous moon and stars can set the mood for a serene night. This activity can be done with friends who also appreciate a quiet hangout under the constellations. Many deep conversations can spring up, just like the budding flowers growing silently in the moonlight. 

GIANNA CASSIN | CULTURE REPORTER | gcassin@butler.edu 

Find some furry friends

Life would have no meaning without animals. With the weather getting nicer, there are always more dogs walking around campus. A typical spring day includes browsing through the Wag! dog walking and pet sitting app to see if there are new friends to meet, or sitting outside on the Mall to see dogs pass by. A sunny day over 60 degrees and meeting a new dog sounds like the perfect day. 

JACK WILLIAMS | CULTURE REPORTER | jrwilliams@butler.edu 

Sunday morning hikes at Eagle Creek 

Eagle Creek is the perfect place to experience a calming Sunday morning reset. Birds glide across the still waters below the Ornithology Center and swoop overhead as one sets out on the trail. The variety of hiking paths means that visitors can enjoy anything from a quick stroll to a seven-mile hike. At only $6 for a carload of people, Eagle Creek is the perfect place to picnic with friends like Winnie-the-Pooh. The Eagle Creek Park Foundation also puts on fun events and learning opportunities at the park, especially in the summer. 

MADDY BRODERICK | CULTURE REPORTER | mbroderick@butler.edu 

Frisbee fun on the mall 

Playing frisbee on the mall isn’t just about the game itself — it is a celebration of the community at Butler. Whether it is a sunny afternoon study break or a leisurely weekend gathering, students can enjoy each other’s company, share laughs and create memories. When the sun is shining and the frisbees are flying, that is a good day to be a Bulldog.


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