Happy birthday to you, happy birthday at BU

Butler blue enjoyed cake for his third birthday. Photo courtesy of @thebutlerblue on Instagram. 

EVA HALLMAN | STAFF REPORTER | ehallman@butler.edu 

Whether celebrating a birthday for the first time on campus or an upperclassman birthday veteran, students recognize that birthdays look different from how they do at home. Students have become resourceful and creative when it comes to celebrating their birthdays while on Butler’s campus. Birthday bulldogs share their recommendations, so if one’s birthday is coming up soon or it just passed, here are some ideas to keep in mind for a special celebration.

Festive with friends 

Every morning in the dorm starts the same … except a birthday morning. Roommates or friends might surprise students with writing on the mirrors, balloons or a special treat.  

Cassidy Kuhn, first-year health sciences major, shared her surprise birthday morning and day plans.  

“[My friends] got me doughnuts, balloons and whatnot,” Kuhn said. “I wasn’t really expecting anything big, but they really went all out. Later, I went out to dinner with [my friends], and we came back and ate cake.” 

Spending time with friends on birthdays is a common theme for students. From dinner in Broad Ripple or time spent with family, Butler students have a multitude of opportunities to spend their special day.

Art and adventure  

Brooklyn Stewart, a first-year music therapy and vocal performance double major, celebrated her birthday on Jan. 26 with friends and art.

“I love art museums, and [Cincinnati] has a really cool free art museum,” Steward said. “We also went to a few coffee shops and then came back. It was a fun, quick day trip with my four friends.” 

Stewart recommends students escape the ordinary. If students do not have a car on campus, find someone who does and explore Indianapolis for birthday activities. If students do have a car, they can try to do an activity that is on their bucket list or a must-try.  

“There’s so much [to do] in Broad Ripple,” Stewart said. “Go to Newfields. Go to an art museum. Just do something fun that you wouldn’t typically do on a normal day because it’s your birthday.” 

All Butler students qualify for a free membership to Newfields, plus admission is free on the first Thursday of every month for certain seasonal exhibits.

Brayden York, a junior elementary education major, also shared the value of trying something new for a birthday.

I think it is important to take the time on your birthday to do the little things, [activities] that bring you joy that you just may not take time to regularly do,” York said. “For me, I went on walks, sat down for coffee with friends and tried to be around people as much as I could so I could enjoy the day as a whole.”

Let them eat cake 

Not many people can throw a giant party on campus and get away with it unless their name is Butler Blue. On Halloween, Blue celebrated his birthday with a party in the Reilly Room. Students could take photos with him, enjoy some popcorn and snacks and reminisce on favorite Blue memories.  

Blue’s handler, Evan Krauss shares Blue’s favorite part of his special day.  

“He liked getting to spend time with the students,” Krauss said. “Oh, and the cake. He really liked the cake.”  

Similar, to Blue, many students also love to celebrate birthdays with cake — more specifically, The Cake Bake Shop

Payton Albregts, a first-year secondary education major, went to The Cake Bake Shop for her birthday back in September and highly recommends it. 

“I went with my suitemates, roommates and parents,” Albregts said. “I just love the food and atmosphere of it. I ordered the chicken salad sandwich and Gwendolyn’s Famous Earl’s Court Chocolate Cake. I would recommend The Cake Bake Shop. Just make sure you have a reservation in advance … it is worth it!” 

Kuhn also highly recommends visiting The Cake Bake Shop, which she and her friends visited recently for a girl’s night out.

“My friends and I loved the [non-alcoholic cocktail] Petunia Punch,” Kuhn said. “It was so good. We also just got desserts, so I enjoyed the Red Velvet. I recommend The Cake Bake Shop — a girl’s night out was much needed.”

From casual to classy, birthday celebrations come in all forms. Spend the day trying something new, or stick with birthday traditions. There is no wrong way to spend a birthday. Just do not forget to sing a little tune when birthdays are at BU.  


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