Butler University’s 2023 Bulldog Beauty Contest

Multimedia reporter Eliza West shares what it’s like for the Bulldogs competing and their owners.


Another year, another Bulldog Beauty Contest. Even without Blue, contestants made sure to make this one the best one yet.

I’m excited for the contest. This little guy has been on campus many times. We live in the area, really close, and we come over here 2, 3 times a week at least. And especially in the absence of Blue while he’s going through his surgery, we figured the students can have a live mascot, even though he’s not official, they still have a live dog they can look at, pet, and make over. (Senzig)

Dogs came out in a variety of different costumes.

I looked at Pinterest and a white dog makes a good stuffing to put two Oreo cookies in between. Or, on either side (Elliott)

She was able to make the Oreo (Elling)

I made it all myself (Elliott)

The contest was so packed that Celebrity guests decided to show out.

Oh my goodness. Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce (Evan Krauss)

What’s your favorite Taylor Swift song, huh? I Knew You Were Trouble. Her middle name is trouble, so I think that’s her favorite song. (Arce)

Congratulations to this year’s best in show, Lily, who will help Blue deliver his Butler Bounds this year.

We’ll see everybody next year! For the Butler Collegian, I’m Eliza West.


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