Life as a quarantined Collegianite

Collegian photographers and multimedia reporters have utilized their skills in creative ways while they are quarantined. Graphic by Joshua Doering. 


Social distancing and stay-at-home orders have forced multimedia journalists around the world to get creative. Here are some of the ways the Collegian’s photographers and multimedia reporters are using their skills during the coronavirus pandemic.

Jake Bedell, multimedia editor:

There was a lot I wanted to do at Butler before my senior year ended. A lot of “lasts” I was preparing for didn’t end up happening. I was looking ahead to when the sun is out and shining and the air is warm in May. My last day hammocking on the mall. Last walk down to Holcomb Garden. Last day out with friends in Broad Ripple. Instead, my “lasts” turned out to be things that were treated as any other normal occurrence. There’s a lot of people I wanted to say goodbye to but didn’t get to. But life goes on, and you make the most out of each day, even when in quarantine. Here are just a few ways I’m keeping occupied:

In every meeting with the Collegian multimedia staff, I end the discussion by asking a fun question that everyone can relate to or can find a personal take on. I took that same idea and brought it to all my followers on Instagram. Some friends here at home and I “drafted” a tournament bracket for underrated Disney movies. The votes have been flooding in. It’ll be interesting to see who comes out on top and who gets snubbed. My pick is for “Treasure Planet” or “Meet the Robinsons.”

Bear with me, it’s been at least 5 years since I’ve gone out and played hockey. I certainly gotta work on my accuracy again. I found this rink when I was younger and a bunch of guys older than me would be playing pickup games. Once I got to high school I decided to lace up some cheap rollerblades and try and play. I was decent but wanted to get better, so I went and bought some hockey skates, gloves and other equipment. For the next four summers, I’d go out there and join them. In times like these, I try and keep active even when socially distancing. This is one of the ways I’ve been able to do so and have fun.

Lily Wood, photographer:

You’ve scrolled to the bottom of your Twitter and Instagram feeds. You’ve sent far too many texts and Snapchats to your friends. Netflix has asked you if you’re still watching at least five times. Now what?

People are bored. The importance of social distancing is crucial right now, but it seems to be driving everyone crazy, myself included. It’s not that I like to constantly be out and about, it’s the fact that I don’t have the option to do so any more that’s getting to me. I never realized how much I valued social interactions until they were suddenly gone.

If you’re like me and are itching for something to do, go outside. Really. It may not sound like much, but walking my dog, going on bike rides, jumping on my trampoline, and even just swinging on my childhood swing set have all lifted my spirits during this depressing time. It’s nice to get outside and away from the constant stream of bad news on social media and television. Breathing the fresh air, taking in the beauty of the outdoors, and saying hi to neighbors — from a safe distance — has made me a little less fearful of the future and a lot more grateful for today. You should try it.

Chandler Hart, photographer:

Going home early was a real bummer for me this year. I was really looking forward to photographing some spring sports like baseball. I’ve been keeping my photo skills sharp by using my dog Bella as a subject. I’ve been staying home, completing my first year of college online, taking Bella for long walks, and completing puzzles with my family. I cannot wait to go back to campus in August fingers crossed.

Julian Cirnigliaro, photographer:

I’ve been spending a lot of time cooped up in a house about to be sold, and moving is pretty damn stressful. Whatever amount of time not dedicated to studying or Zoom-ing is diverted to sleeping or going on walks. I always take a camera out with me, and try my best to be creative and present whenever I go out. Here are a few photos from around Zionsville, Indiana, where I live until June — or something. The dog’s name is Goucho and he’s hunting a chipmunk, and the photos of trees and flowers are from a walk around Traders Point Creamery, where you can fork over $3 to walk in the field with the cows. Here’s a self-plug of my Instagram for more pictures: julian_p_bellido.




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