Aquarius Season Horoscopes

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Second semester has begun, and I don’t know about you, but we really hit the ground running this time around. It’s only the third week back and the feeling of drowning in responsibilities is knocking at the door. As your self-proclaimed Butler Collegian resident psychic I, obviously, blame the stars for this feeling. While I am usually freaking out about the cosmic hell-fire the phases of the stars inflict on our lives, I’m absolutely sure that others are not. Ergo, why I believed it was important to write this article in the first place. I am here to give you a thorough analysis of the cosmos and provide some advice on how to tackle the panicked feelings I know we all feel at the start of every semester.

Surprisingly, I have some good news for you — Aquarius season has begun! Peace, love, happiness and overall chill vibes are here and will be for the next 29 to 30 days. This season started with an extra kick with the New Moon in Aquarius on Jan. 24. Basically, this just means that the qualities that come with the zodiac sign Aquarius are heightened — independence, self-discovery, romantic desire, peace, love, relaxation — you get the gist. It is time to light that candle, dim the lights, put the music on low, read a book, simply sit down and relax. I promise you, things will get done in due time.

If you have never heard of The 5th Dimension song “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine in,” then I advise you to take a detour to Spotify and let the song play in the background while you read this article. It encompasses all that it means to be Aquarius — the free-spirited flower child I know we are all capable of.


The fire in you has not gone out, it is simply dimmed in order to preserve energy for what is to come. You may be feeling a bit run down, or simply not as sparky as you normally are, and that is okay. Aquarius season is a time for you to look inwards. So go treat yourself to some Starbucks hot chocolate, kick up your feet and relax. Your time will come.


Being the sturdiest earth sign of all the zodiac signs, Aquarius season has a very interesting effect on you. This season encourages change and growth, but all you want to do is stick your feet in the mud and never move. Now, that may actually be a reality with this dreadful wet winter Indianapolis has been having, but it should definitely not be your go-to. I know change is unstable, but sometimes change simply transfers us to steadier ground. Take that extra step forward — I am sure it will pleasantly surprise you.


With the start of this season, you have been riding the feel-good wave, and absolutely no one is knocking you off any time soon. You are hanging out with your friends, finishing up the Irwin study sessions early, and that special someone might even be hinting at that date you have been wishing for. I am here to remind you to keep up this positive trend and do not, I repeat, DO NOT play any games — it is not cute.


Peace, love and happiness — your three favorite things! No, this is not Cancer season, but it is the next best thing for you and your zodiac sign. The inclination towards change this season may be scaring you a bit, or it could just be all the deadlines that somehow are already pilling up. Whatever the case may be, your positive mindset will move you forward.


I’ve got three words for you: Keep. It. Together. You are not falling apart, that is just the Aquarius energy getting to you. Or it is simply your professors packing on the workload. This season should be a time for you to thrive and shine; instead the panicked energy of Aquarius often tends to rub off on you, leaving you feeling a bit broken. Remember that the existential crisis you have developed in your head is simply in your head.


To be completely blunt with you… this really is not your season. Your organized chaos directly contrasts Aquarius’ dreamy confusion, so be wary if the feeling of disarray creeps into your psyche. My advice to you is to hang on to the residual Capricorn energy from this past zodiac season in order to make it through these next few weeks. So go buy that new bullet journal from the Butler bookstore, and the order and functionality of the Capricorn will see you through.


Now is the time for you to tap into your individualistic nature and thrive — now, isn’t that what college is all about? There is a tendency for you to get overwhelmed with the desire to change, making you feel as if you are not good enough. Your devotion to personal growth is often the reason people are drawn to you in the first place, but don’t let yourself devolve in the process. You are capable of more than you think you deserve, and you are worth it.


Calm… an odd feeling when chaos is your natural state. In your defense, it is an odd feeling to experience as a full time college student. Yet, Aquarius season is a time of peace and serenity — two feelings that almost never existed in your personality. Please embrace this energy rather than give into your toxic tendencies, I think everyone would appreciate it.


One day you are riding high and positive, and then the next day it’s emo hours. There is quite literally zero in-between. My advice to you is to really hold on to the highs you feel rather than the lows. The highs are what will propel you to take the next step forward, don’t let the Sunday Scaries dictate your week to come.


You are running on a high right about now. Your to do lists are about as long as the Starbucks line at lunch time, but your productivity levels are unmatched. No one can touch you right now. Great work, kid! Really proud of you, honestly!


As the leader of the vibe check that is Aquarius season, you are smiling, thriving and all around having a good time. It is all rainbows and sunshine for you these days, but be careful not to fall into your panicked tendencies of self doubt. The only form of panic you should be feeling is if you remembered what homework was due when. Now that self-doubt is justified.


Honestly, this is about as put together as you have ever been — see past Collegian Horoscope articles for reference. As the dreamer of the zodiac signs, you love the positive, peaceful and individualistic nature of Aquarius season. Hold onto this feeling and run with it.


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