Renovations set to completely transform ResCo

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ResCo, a residence hall on campus, was subject to renovations over summer break. The hall has not had work done since it first opened in 1989.

Over the summer, a total of 18 bathrooms in the D wing of the residence hall were renovated. This section of the hall is predominantly occupied by sophomores. This is due to the record-breaking size of the class of 2022: 1,336 students.

The D wing was updated first, as it is tucked away and would cause the least disruption. The main concern from the student body was the showers, which were very small and not particularly functional. These have been completely replaced and raised to accommodate taller students. 

Kathy Shellogg, executive director of student living and learning, described the recent updates as state of the art. She said the renovations include new vinyl flooring, more robust blinds and a general lightening of the rooms.

“They’re stunning, they feel like completely brand-new units,” Shellogg said.

Chris Bojdak, a sophomore exploratory business major, lived in Irvington his first year but toured ResCo before moving in and saw the improvements.

“I think it’s a big upgrade compared to what it was,” Bojdak said. “Everything is much nicer and better quality.”

Shaun Worker, sophomore education major, lives in ResCo.

“Being a tall guy, I am pleased that I don’t have to bend uncomfortably to shower,” Worker said. “My roommates and I are pleased with the renovations.”

Along with the bathroom overhaul, double rooms without bathrooms have been converted into communal lounge spaces. 

Shellogg said this change was “sorely needed by the students in ResCo.”

This is just the start of renovations in ResCo. As part of the ongoing work in the building, the entire fire system is being overturned, as it has not been updated from its original 1980s model. This will continue throughout the school year with little to no disruption to student’s everyday life, Shellogg said.

“We’ve taken that big step, starting the project… there is far more to come,” Shellogg said. “Next summer the space will completely transform.”

This remodelling process in ResCo will continue until the rest of the building is converted in the coming months.

These next steps include changing the dining hall into a “more restaurant-like space.” Part of this remodel is that alcohol is now available for purchase in the dining hall after 4:30 p.m. with a meal, in an effort to offer different options for dining and to normalize safe levels of alcohol consumption.


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