Alcohol added to the menu for ResCo dining

The alcohol permit outside Atherton Union is strictly to get approval for catering services. Photo by Regan Koster. 


Starting next year, individuals on campus over the age of 21 will be able to purchase alcohol in ResCo.

This week, students observed bright orange alcohol permits outside Atherton Union and ResCo. The alcohol permit currently hanging outside Atherton Union is strictly for catering services for events on campus. This is standard because catering preparation and alcohol storage happens in the Atherton Union building.

However, the alcohol permit outside ResCo is a dual permit that will allow alcohol to be purchased in the building.         

While Starbucks, C-Club and Atherton Marketplace will be alcohol-free, ResCo will sell beer and wine options to students over 21. Brand-name drinks will be offered, but Bon Appetit, the school’s new dining provider, would like to secure partnerships to offer a variety of local beer and wine options as well.

“Any time we can find someone who’s locally brewing a beer or close vineyards, we would favor those local partnerships first,” said Mark Daniels, a general manager at Bon Appetit.

Daniels said for beer in particular, Bon Appetit will try to balance between locally brewed options and more national brands like Bud Light and Coors.  

Students are adjusting to the idea of being able to consume alcohol in a residence hall dining space. One concern is that the majority of students in ResCo will be underage. The dorm houses mostly underclassmen.

“A lot of people in my class thought it was a ridiculous idea because they just don’t think the juniors and seniors who can drink are going to want to go hang out at ResCo,” said Bridget Costello, a first year biology major.

Costello said whether or not she drinks in ResCo after she turns 21 will depend on the atmosphere and whether the drinks are cheap.

Bennett Davis, a junior music education major, is 21 and said he might spend time at ResCo after it is remodeled. He said he is interested in taking advantage of the new drink options.

“That’s just a change, because [ResCo] has been the same my whole time here,” Davis said. “It sounds pretty fun.”

Tyler Rist, a sophomore political science major, said he is also excited to drink alcohol in ResCo.

“It’s a good way to spend the night,” Rist said.

Daniels said the timeline for renovations to the ResCo dining hall is still being worked out. The new layout will look less like a cafeteria and more like a traditional restaurant with space for students to hang out.

“We want to create community spaces for the students where, whether you’re dining with us or not, you have a space to sit and hang out with your friends, a place to sit and study, maybe a place to have a meeting with a student organization or to work on a group project,” Daniels said.

Bon Appetit has ideas about what kind of restaurant ResCo will be modeled after and what types of food might be served, but Daniels said he wants to wait to share those ideas until they are finalized.


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