Butler Blue II in his own words

Looking back at the life of America’s Dog via his award-winning social media accounts . . .
  1. How do I know that all dogs go to heaven? Because I’m there now. It’s been a great ride. Thank you all, God bless @butleru, and #GoDawgs
  2. Sun is down & a gentle breeze is about. Time for a Tail Wagon ride. My favorite pastime. Getting spoiled tonight.
  3. Don’t take this place (@butleru), these people, & these moments for granted. There’s nothing else like the college experience. Live it up!
  4. Kisses are the best medicine.
  5. Resting comfortably today while my tummy digests the wonderful @stelmo steak I had for dinner last night. Thank you, St. Elmo’s!
  6. I guess imitation is a form of flattery, but surely there’s more originality to be had in Cincy, right? #TheButlerWay bit.ly/1eMNDvE
  7. I appreciate everyone’s concern for my health, but do I look worried? Enjoying each day. Photo by @jiiiim.
  8. Update from Dr. Phillips’ house: I’m having fun and love being the center of attention. Got my new @buildabear too! flic.kr/p/fpCmnK
  9. Had a great weekend. I may have a bum heart, but thx to treatment & meds, I’m feeling so much better. Gonna enjoy this while I can.
  10. Car ride w/ my first mate, Master Everett.
  11. But really guys, can you believe I spent two nights at Purdue University?! I feel so dirty. Oh well, at least they got me feeling better.
  12. Face deep in some @huddlesfrozen. No place I’d rather be.
  13. Well, the dermatologist says I’m going to look like a cast member from The Walking Dead for a while, but all ok. Healing properly.
  14. Whatever you’re thinking, blame the guy directly behind me.
  15. [At major pharmacy] RX TECH: “How can I help you?” POPS: “Uh, prescription pickup for ‘Butler Blue II,’ please.” – I love it.
  16. The Blue Mobile has the same nitrous button as seen in the Hummer on #Sharknado …And now you know.
  17. Since I’m retired now, I thought I’d help @BUADCollier & @ButlerPrez sniff out our next @ButlerMBB coach. Rest assured, we’ll get our guy.
  18. No bigger fan of @BUCoachStevens than me. After all, the guy had a big part in making me America’s Dog. Thx for everything, Coach!
  19.  Proud day at @butleru. I like to think I had a part   in getting us to the @bigeastconf so it’s tough to watch from sidelines of retirement.
  20. Senior Day for us both. RT @stuharvey1: Showin some love to my fav #bulldog @ButlerBlue2 on Senior Day in the Bowl. instagram.com/p/ay_aCnDkNU/
  21. I wish I was in Miami right now so that the @Pacers could rub my head for good luck. I send them my best. #BeatTheHeat
  22. Speaking from experience, I’m hesitant to advocate for the addition of babies & puppies. Nonetheless, congrats to @realjohngreen & fam!
  23. We were both just getting going! RT @marcbever: @ButlerBlue2 Still love this pic of you and @edcarpenter20 from 2004 twitpic.com/cryod0
  24. On this day, May 20, nine years ago, I first set foot on the @butleru campus. Seems like a good day to officially retire. I thank you, all!
  25. A picture of me, nine years ago today, capturing my first time on the @butleru campus. #Blue2Retirement flic.kr/p/ekPA3k
  26. Oh and congrats to all of my fellow @butleru graduates. It was an honor to follow all of you across the stage. Good luck & #GoDawgs
  27. So evidently it’s National Siblings Day. Seriously, we celebrate annoyances? Ugh, we’ll try to get a picture to commemorate the day.
  28. Well, I think it would be hard for the rest of campus to live up to the hospitality at @BUAlphaChiOmega, but we’re willing to let you try!
  29. As much as I hate to say it, congrats to @ButlerBlue3 for reaching @akcdoglovers Canine Good Citizen status. @BarkTutor = miracle workers
  30. Congrats to our Angry Bird friend, Louie the Cardinal, on his National Championship! #louisville #ncaa #cardinal #bulldogs #butler #finalfour #godawgs
  31. Hey April Fools, it’s time to flip your Butler Blue Calendars. And that’s no joke! @indyindians flic.kr/p/e7K3RB
  32. Now it’s a sprint finish to May 20ish. That date will cap a 9 year career. It’s been one heckuva ride. Thx for making me America’s Dog.
  33. It’s kind of fun to hear yourself on the radio. @ButlerBlue3 barked back at me. Big dummy.
  34. The birthday tweets are coming in hot & heavy. I can’t keep up. Thank you all! You’ve made me the luckiest 9 year old #Bulldog ever!
  35. No shame in the way we went down. Proud of my Dawgs. It’s been an honor and a privilege.
  36. Have you guys seen that commercial where the hipsters are eating fish sandwiches on a boat & fool that hippie with the fish finder thingy?
  37. Less than 20 minutes until tipoff. The Colonel’s Famous Recipe is just the thing for a little Kentucky Fried Eagle! #GoDawgs #MarchMadness
  38. I think Master Everett enjoyed meeting @GoTurbo too. He’s going to love this movie. #indy500orbust
  39. Bison burgers on me! No wait, you can buy your own. Let’s get ready for Saturday. 1 down! #GoDawgs
  40. So the New Mexico State mascot can bring six shooters and @ButlerBlue3 and I can’t go to these NCAA Tourney games? #MarchMadness
  41. Entering my last NCAA Tourney as official mascot today; an event that made me a household name. Here’s to another victory today! #GoDawgs
  42. On this day, May 20, nine years ago, I first set foot on the @butleru
    campus. Seems like a good day to officially retire. I thank you, all! (Don’t worry though, I’ll still be around.) #GoDawgs #Blue2Retirement
  43. Excited to finally confirm the worst kept secret in college athletics. The Butler Bulldogs will be a member of the @BigEastConf. next year!
  44. Oh joy, highs in the 30s through Thursday. When will people learn that groundhogs can’t be trusted?
  45. Don’t let these “experts” get you worked up about upset talk. Remember UTEP? #godawgs
  46. Pinch me all you want, but w/ Blue in my name, I’m not wearing green. In other news, Happy Selection Sunday! #GoDawgs
  47. My court, my ring, my territory. Step foot in here, be ready to battle. I’m 117-19 on this floor. flic.kr/p/e2rWZq
  48. My last starting lineups for @ButlerMBB inside @HinkleFH. It’s the best part of the job. #GoDawgs vine.co/v/bw1q6He3YvM
  49. Simply overwhelmed by the outpouring of support on Twitter today. Its more than I can keep up with. Thank you, all. #Blue2Retirement
  50. I see @GeorgetownJack has a lead over the Orangemen at half. I hope you’re enjoying your last home game too, pal. #WAG #GoDawgs
  51. And for the record, today is just my last @ButlerMBB game. If they make it to Atlanta, I’m going! Actually retiring on 5/20. 9 years exactly
  52. St. Pius X School visit was hilarious. 3rd grader tells Pops, “I was sad when Butler beat IU.” Pops’ response: essentially an evil laugh.
  53. No other #Bulldog I’d rather be than a @butleru Bulldog; win or lose. Rant over. I’m about to crush some homemade beef & noodles! #GoDawgs
  54. Be a fan. If you can’t support our student-athletes & our coaches for their efforts, then you’re no diff. than a Xavier fan at this point.
  55. Ball handling & loose ball drills. Or maybe just the breather in between. vine.co/v/bXwUeKuZh0q
  56. I pose for a lot of photos, especially via smart phone. Unfortunately, the users aren’t always so “smart.” Allow me to help w/ some tips.
  57. Just a little ‘rasslin w/ @ButlerBlue3. vine.co/v/b6UbPrbqIIj
  58. Tonight, @drewwaddell got the chance to take my leash for @ButlerMBB. Also staring @RotneiClarke15. vine.co/v/b617ijEbUQm

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