New director brings internal changes to Atherton managers

On Feb. 18, Butler University dining services instituted new assignments for managers, changing their place of management.

Dining Services Director Michelle Bryant-Jones started on July 31, 2012, and since then has been assessing management’s strengths and weaknesses. Based on talents and creativity, she matched managers to new areas of work.

Bryant-Jones said some  managers have been in their positions for as long as 13 or 14 years.

“You get used to a certain way,” Bryant-Jones said. “It gets a little hard for you to really tap into all your creative juices when you’ve been some place for so long because it happens automatically, and I don’t want my managers acting automatically, I want them to touch, feel, taste and experience everything every day.”

No new employees were hired. All changes were internal.

Sally Click, dean of student services, meets regularly with Bryant-Jones to discuss how food can help enhance and improve wellness offerings.

Click said she is glad people are embracing the challenge and said Bryant-Jones will be there to provide support for the employees in their new settings.

Click said she thinks it is good for employees to get a new perspective.

“Everybody brings a new set of eyes to a situation,” Click said.

Click said she also believes students could see changes in the environment of the different dining options.

“I think their personalities will influence their new perspectives,” Click said.

Freshman Zoe Sutton said all of her experiences with dining services have been really good and the staff has been helpful.

Sutton also said each dining facility has a different personality.

“At Atherton, I would say the workers are pretty much really friendly,” Sutton said. “At C-Club, they’re always super excited and it’s like you’ve known them forever.”

Bryant-Jones said the switches are unrelated to the Aramark employees’ strike earlier this year.


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