More than Letters: Alpha Phi

More than Letters shares how Butler University sororities and fraternities are helping others during their philanthropy week. Multimedia Assistant Editor Jade Eilers takes us through Alpha Phi’s week.


The Alpha Phi Sweetheart week concludes after a successful week of fundraising events on campus. Alpha Phi is one of seven sororities on Butler’s campus and has a philanthropy that mainly supports women’s heart health. Alpha Phi president, Sydnee Guthrie, gives us the rundown of events. 

“Tomorrow we have penny wars at the gazebo from 1-4. That’ll be people donating change and cash to support our philanthropy. And then Wednesday we have Alpha Phi-tness. One of our sisters, Maddie Ashley, is leading a workout class for us. Anyone can come join us and do that, it’ll be a super fun time. Thursday we have Mr. Heartthrob. It’s a little pageant for the people, or the men, of the frats to come and show off their pageant skills. And then Friday we have Phiver. Which is basically, the frats and the freshman boys have made lip syncs and they’re gonna dance for all of us.” 

Besides primarily focusing on women’s heart health, Alpha Phi’s philanthropy can be summed up into 

“three main branches. The first one is leadership. So it’s all about really progressing leadership and training opportunities. The second one is scholarship. So it’s merit-based and need-based scholarships. The third one, my favorite one, is women’s heart health.”

Greek life philanthropy weeks, like this one, can be huge fundraisers for the cause the sorority supports. “Alpha Phi as an organization has donated over two million dollars to -Alpha Phi- women’s heart initiatives.” Going to a workout class or performing in a lip sync dance battle might seem like a small thing, but it can add up to make a big difference.

For The Butler Collegian, I’m Jade Eilers.


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