In a pickle with AV parking

Parking near Apartment Village is in a pickle because of newly installed pickleball courts, Multimedia Assistant Editor Jade Eilers reports.


Pickleball makes its way to Butler University. But, it might not be scoring well with some students, especially those who live and park here at apartment village.

“A pickleball court wasn’t really the best solution, instead of using that space for parking spots.” (MANGAN)

Junior and resident of Apartment Village, Sarah Mangan is not a huge fan of the new pickleball courts.

Construction for the new courts began in May and were set to be completed in July. But … 

“right now there’s no nets on the courts, so I can’t play even if I wanted to.” (MANGAN)

The courts are located behind the Sellick Bowl, in the Apartment Village parking lot. 

According to the Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. Frank Ross, The courts took over visitor parking spots, so there is no loss of parking for students as a result of the project.  

But, students are still claiming parking remains challenging. 

“Like in the evening, it’s really hard to find a parking spot. I end up driving around for like fifteen minutes just trying to find one spot.” (MANGAN)

The entrances to the courts are chained shut and closed signs are posted. There is not a date set for when the courts will open or have nets. 

For The Butler Collegian, I’m Jade Eilers.



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