Delivered: Packages on campus

Ever order a package on campus? Wonder the steps in between it getting delivered and you receiving it? Multimedia Reporter Kamille Wilson reports.


As college students there are many things you need that you might not have brought during move in. UPS and Amazon are great ways of ordering but did you know that the front desk actually puts away your packages and you can pick them up easily. 

It’s a very good process. The desk assistants do a really good job at getting it in as soon as they possibly can, whether that be the day it’s delivered or if it’s delivered that night it’s usually in the next morning. (Mackenzie Mullins)

Showed up the next morning and it was very fast and very easy. I just got an email on my phone that gave me the code to come and type in and gave me the package. (Meena Gosain)

The front desk works hard to make sure your package is put away as soon as possible with no damages or issues to your order.

I’ve never had anything lost or missing, or damaged anything like that everythings always in pristine condition, the code always works. It’s there. I grab it and take it to my room. (Mackenzie Mullins)

The delivery person could take awhile but as soon as they get here the front desk staff do a good job putting them right in here.(Meena Gosain)

There’s no guarantee when your package will be put away but once the front desk assistance gets it they will try to put it away as soon as they can.

Afternoon hours you’ll get it the next morning but if it’s delivered in the morning you’ll get it that day because the desk assistants are working and putting them in during their shift. (Mackenzie Mullins)

Bring any questions you have to the front desk if they can’t  help you they’ll find a resource who can for The Butler Collegian I’m Kamille Wilson.


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