Dawg Pound 101

Reporter Kamille Wilson shares everything Butler students should know when it comes to tickets through Dawg Pound, this season.


As a new sports season is on its way, Dawgpound is a great perk to enjoy all that’s coming with Butler athletics. -Kamille 

I think something really great about being a dawgpound member is the environment that we create around butler athletics and all butler sports. A big goal this year has been trying to get people out to not just basketball but other sports so it’s been really great to see bigger crowds at football volleyball and hopefully going through the year. – Michaela Jordin 

You can’t have the full butler experience without enjoying some of butler athletics and being in the student section and cheering the team on. – Kamille 

Dawgpound is essentially an elevated version of our student section. Butler sports is a very integral part of the butler community. So dawgpound is a paid experience where it gives you access to different perks like giveaways, we do a lot of shirts and a lot of foods. And then for men’s basketball games you do get access to the lower bowl seatings behind the basket. -Michaela Jordin

Dawgpound has a lot of things coming up for butler students make sure to be checking their instagram and see what you could win. -Kamille 

Every member gets a free shirt when signing up and then on Nov 11 and 12 we are giving away shirts at both mens and womens games.  Little bit later in the semester we are looking at giving away custom air force’s again. – Michaela Jordin 

There are many opportunities in Dawgpound. You can be in the student section enjoying the game or you can be a part of the dawgpound team. -Kamille 

A 60 dollar fee one time we are currently sold out so this will be for next year but it will be in our instagram bio until we sell out 60 dollars flat fee you get access to all the giveaways and everything like that. If you wanna be more on the executive side the board side we put out an application in spring to get more involved with that and with that you run all the giveaways. -Michaela Jordin 

With basketball season right around the corner that’s just a few things that dawgpound is working on as butler students we can all enjoy it together for the butler collegian I’m Kamille WIlson 


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