Volleyball Bulldog Brawl tournament recap

The volleyball team had spiking success with their home opener Bulldog Brawl tournament; Multimedia Reporter Kamille Wilson shares more.


As the Butler Girls Volleyball season starts heating up we will recap how this weekend’s tournament the Bulldog Brawl was a smashing success.  

Butler Girls Volleyball team had an amazing week they didn’t just make their students and school proud but also their head coach 

“Our unity, we looked cohesive. The offense looked pretty well together, the defense looked pretty well together. Just how hard the girls played is probably my favorite thing on the weekend.” (SHONDELL)

There are always a few things our Dawgs can work on to keep this undefeated streak alive ….

“ If we can get our offense a little more in sync, a few more options firing, and offensively short a little of our weakness we will be in good shape.” (SHONDELL)

It is a big deal when the Dawg Pound is full and supporting the athletes like it was at this weekend’s tournament  

“The game with students involved was huge. The opening weekend, to have the number of students we had in both matches that weren’t in the middle of the day was remarkable.” (SHONDELL)

The Bulldog Brawl was a success for all. I hope to see everyone in the dog pound supporting our Girl’s Volleyball athletes.

The Butler Girls Volleyball team is starting off very strong. Let’s continue to cheer them on at their next match…..For the Butler Collegian, I’m Kamille Wilson. 


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