Butler couples: Love stories in photos

Couple holds hands as they descend the stairs of the belltower. Photos by Lauren Gdowski.

LAUREN GDOWSKI | PHOTO EDITOR | lhough@butler.edu

Lydia & Dawson


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The love story of Lydia and Dawson goes all the way back to the eighth grade. Despite their close friendship and mutual ongoing crush, they did not start dating until they had both committed to Butler as high school seniors. In their free time, the pair likes to go on walks, eat together and experience the Hinkle magic during basketball games. The duo has gone through highs and lows during their Butler careers, but every challenge and celebration has ultimately brought them closer. — LYDIA SARVER, JUNIOR BIOLOGY & MUSIC DOUBLE MAJOR; DAWSON BICHEY, JUNIOR FINANCE AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATION DOUBLE MAJOR


Audrey & CJ


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The white coat ceremony: one of the biggest achievements and celebrations for young professionals. More than just a coat, however, future doctors of pharmacy Audrey Madura and CJ Matias found each other during the ceremony. With their last names in alphabetical order, the two sat next to each other and have since spent a year trying new restaurants, going to basketball games and watching “How I Met Your Mother.” It was during those watch parties that the two found out about the olive theory. According to the show, since Audrey loves olives and CJ does not, the couple are meant for each other. — AUDREY MADURA, SENIOR P2 PHARMACY MAJOR; CJ MATIAS, SENIOR P2 PHARMACY MAJOR. 


Karina & Eric


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Karina and Eric not only met at Butler, but their entire relationship has been centered on campus. They were engaged on campus in 2018, and they even took their wedding photographs on campus in 2020. Additionally, they call Butler’s campus their home; Dr. Karina Hamamouche is a psychology professor and a Faculty-in-Residence at ResCo. Eric still serves on his fraternity’s Housing Corporation. The two met during the spring 2013 semester when Karina asked her sorority sister to find her a date for their formal. The friend set her up with Eric, Karina’s lab partner, and the rest is history. — KARINA HAMAMOUCHE, PSYCHOLOGY AND FRENCH ’14; ERIC RUPENTHAL, BIOLOGY ’15


Caitlin & Andrew


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For Caitlin and Andrew, the transition from friends to partners was one that felt “easy and natural.” They lived in the same hall during their first year and were friends, but became closer the following summer. However, their relationship did not progress until Halloween of their sophomore year. Andrew agreed to be Caitlin’s date to her sorority’s formal, and they have been together for three years since. However, due to COVID-19 campus closures, six out of the first nine months of their relationship were long-distance. Caitlin and Andrew love to try new things and explore new places; nevertheless, after graduating, the two enjoy returning to Butler’s campus for basketball games. — CAITLIN SEGRAVES, SOCIOLOGY AND CRIMINOLOGY ’22; ANDREW MEISTER, FINANCE ’22


Katelyn & Reagan


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Katelyn and Reagan have that chemistry … class. The pair started off as mutual friends in their shared organic chemistry class and quickly became best friends, then partners. Two and a half years later, Katelyn and Reagan live together with their dog, Frankie. The two credit Butler for the shared experiences that have made them so close. They enjoy every minute together, especially when walking Frankie or attending Butler basketball and lacrosse games. — KATELYN MURPHY, BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER SCIENCE ’22; REAGAN WOHLFORD, BIOLOGY ’20. 


Morgan & Alex


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Morgan and Alex first met at Butler Athletic Bands Camp in summer 2017. After a few weeks of talking and hanging out, the two became close friends. In December 2017, they went on their first date — and they have been inseparable ever since. During their time at Butler, the two spent long nights studying together at C-Club, now Plum Market, as well as going for walks around the bell tower and Holcomb Gardens. Their first big trip together was to New York City to support the Dawgs at the 2018 Big East Tournament. Today, the two are the alumni outreach coordinators for the Butler Athletic Bands. They can be seen at football games and basketball games taking photos for their monthly newsletter. — MORGAN STARK, ELEMENTARY EDUCATION ’21; ALEX STARK, CHEMISTRY ’20


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