A social media year in review

Students reflect on the 2021-22 academic year. Collegian file photo. 

MEGAN LINDSEY | STAFF REPORTER | mplindsey@butler.edu 

The 2021-22 school year brought the return of in-person activities and the lifting of the mask mandate, in addition to other memorable moments. 

In an attempt to learn more about what students experienced throughout this year, The Butler Collegian posted questions on our Instagram story for the student population to answer as they reflect back on their year. 

When asked to rank their experience at Butler this year, the average answer was about seven out of 10, out of the 36 students who responded. 

In addition to the numeric ranking, the Collegian asked users to respond to the following prompts: 

“How would you describe this school year in one word?” 

Respondents gave a range of answers — some positive and some negative. User @steccassandra said “messy,” @nikki_houck answered “rushed,” and @jackie.andrezejewski said “long.” On the other hand, user @torianndennis said, “better.” 

Following a year of strict gathering restrictions and mandates for the student body, this year, has been a more traditional college experience. 

The year included more in-person events, opportunities to hear from speakers and see live performances beyond the confines of Zoom. 

Six students responded to this prompt. 

“Looking back on this school year, how do you feel?”

The influence of the school year extends well beyond the classroom. From student life to on-campus advocacy, Butler students felt relatively positive about the course of the year and some looked to the future. 

User @b.mattson_ replied, “Incredibly proud that we have begun laying the groundwork for accessibility and disability rights on campus. We’ve made progress and have a long way to go, but the best is yet to come.” 

User @thecollegefrog said, “Mixed feelings, leaning towards positive,” and @nikki_houck said, “Accomplished, but tired.” 

Six students responded to this prompt. 

“How do you think you will remember this time in your life 10 years from now?”

By 2032, our world will inevitably look different. While students’ lives will move beyond Butler, many students will take memories with them from their college years. 

User @maddyjjen said they will remember this time as “transformational” and @maya.joseph9 said they will remember this school year “bittersweetly.” 

Lastly, @nikki_houck said they will remember it “happily, for the memories I made with friends.” 

Five students responded to this prompt. 

“What is one piece of advice that you would give yourself at the start of this school year?” 

Students’ advice to themselves ranged from learning to accept change to putting oneself first. 

User @jackie.andrzejewski offered this piece of advice: “Your best changes based on circumstances and that’s okay,” and @chloejans1 said to “Be flexible.” 

Three students responded to this prompt. 

“What has been your favorite memory?” 

The common thread of memories formed this year, based on student responses, was friendship. 

User @nikki_houck said, “game nights with my people,” and @jackie.andrzejweski said, “nights where we all have soup together.” 

Three students responded to this prompt. 

“What was your favorite dining or food memory? Or what could be improved?” 

This year, like most, food was a hot topic on campus. 

User @officialtorisatchwell was probably not happy “finding mold on not one, but 4 Atherton bagels.” 

Another Atherton dining hall complaint was from @nikki_houck that said, “I wish the food at A-town was more seasoned, it would be much better.” 

On a more positive note, user @chloejans1 said “Weekly Crumbl runs,” was her favorite food memory. 

Three students responded to this prompt. 

“What are you looking forward to next year?” 

With exams starting next week, students are getting closer to summer break. There are only a few months, however, until next school year begins. 

Continuing to build those special college friendships, user @jackie.andrzejewski said they are looking forward to “living with my friends in senior house + summer internship!” 

User @nikki_houck said they are excited to learn new things and build up their self-confidence. 

Two students responded to this prompt. 


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