The Zodiac Signs as Thanksgiving Foods

Photo courtesy of Country Living Magazine.


Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and that means three things: family, friends and heated political debates around the dinner table. I’ve compiled a list of Thanksgiving classics, that you, dear reader, can bring along to any Thanksgiving feast based on your star sign. They are a surefire way to get your family members to put down the pitchforks and pick up the silverware. 

Leo: turkey 

The turkey is the center of attention at any Thanksgiving — Leos, you are too. I mean, the golden brown skin, the crunch, your tan looks great, Leo. P.S. much like eating way too much turkey, a night out with a Leo always leaves you insanely tired. Totally worth it though. 

Scorpio: cranberry salad

You’re mysterious, just like cranberry salad. What’s inside it? How is it made? How does it hold its shape so well? No one really knows, but we do know that Thanksgiving isn’t complete without you. 

Sagittarius: A recipe you’ve never heard of before

Sagittarius’ are trail blazers. There is nothing quite like you, and sure, some people might not like breaking tradition, but they have to admit you make it work. 

Pisces: mulled cider 

Sweet with a touch of spice, while always keeping it classy. That’s you, Pisces. You and a good mug of mulled cider make any cold November night more memorable. 

Capricorn: roast beef 

We know Leos are supposed to be the center of attention, but you make a pretty good case for yourself, Capricorn. You are independent and could probably run this whole Thanksgiving thing on your own.  

Cancer: sweet potato casserole 

You’re sweet on top of sweet, Cancer! Sweet potato casserole is a classic you know you can bring home to your mother, or anyone for that matter. Who doesn’t love toasted marshmallows? 

Aries: charcuterie 

You are energetic and creative with so many aspects to your character, much like a charcuterie board, Aries. When it comes to an Aries there is something for everyone.You get the party started and keep it going! 

Aquarius: mince meat pie 

You don’t take yourself too seriously and that’s what we love about you, Aquarius. You are dinner and dessert in an adorable bite sized package — all at the same time! 

Taurus: dinner rolls 

You’re grounded and dependable: you hold everything together. You, Taurus, are the dinner roll. You are great at cleaning up the other signs’ messes, and make a bomb Thanksgiving leftover sandwich the next day. Everyone loves bread, so you’re kind of a big deal. 

Virgo: stuffing 

You add a certain “something” to Thanksgiving. Based on who you’re around you can easily go all out or keep it simple. And again, who doesn’t love bread? 

Gemini: mashed potatoes and gravy 

Gemini, you get two foods. You seem to have two totally different sides to you, not in a Jekyll and Hyde way but in a delicious carby bowl of potatoes and gravy kind of way. The gemini is curious and adaptable, Thanksgiving literally would be nothing without them. 

Libra: pumpkin pie

You are a classic, Libra! You bring everyone together with your charming personality and you love nothing more than family, friends and tradition.



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