Letter to the Editor: Clarifying the future of Starbucks on campus

Students study at the campus Starbucks located in Atherton Union. Collegian file photo. 

Dear Butler students,

I have heard there is a rumor that Bon Appétit is closing Starbucks and replacing it with a local coffee vendor. I want to clear that up and let everyone know that we are NOT closing Starbucks, nor are we moving it from its current location. Starbucks will stay in Atherton Union and continue to serve the same products with the same hours of operation.

Local partners are important to both Bon Appétit and Butler University so we are working with Zionsville-based coffee company, Julian Coffee Roasters, to provide coffee products to Atherton Marketplace, Catering, and in the Lacy School of Business cafe. We also have a second local coffee partner, Hubbard and Cravens, that will be served in the Plum Market at C-Club.

These are new coffee services, not replacements for Starbucks.

We know that the campus community has a great need for accessible coffee options and we have responded by making these additions. Variety is important to us and these great partners will give all our guests the option to choose different coffee to best suit their preferences.

Thanks for your support of our new and exciting changes resulting from our partnership with Bon Appétit!


Frank E. Ross III, PhD
Vice President for Student Affairs


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