Down on the CUES farm

Do you know where your dining hall food comes from? Well, Multimedia Reporter Kayla Campbell explains that it comes closer than you think.


Are you looking for something to do this semester? Well, whether you have the free time or you’re making the trek to I-lot, come check out The Butler Farm.

This one-acre sustainable agriculture project here on campus is managed by CUES, the Center for Urban Ecology and Sustainability.  Founded in 2010, the farm is a hub for education and research at Butler and the community. 

Students can get involved at the farm as well. Students are able to visit the farm with their classes, do research on-site, complete a PWB class at the farm, or even intern throughout the semester or Summer.  These classes are rooted in place-based, experiential learning, in which they strive to help students develop stronger ties to their community.

What most students don’t realize is that they are more connected to the farm than they think. All products are sold directly to Butler’s campus dining services provider, Bon Appetit. Which means the meals you eat in Atherton are being grown right in our own backyard.

The Farm is located in between the Butler Prairie and I-Lot, located right next to the tennis courts and the intramural fields. So, come on down to see exactly where your food is coming from. With the Butler Collegian, I’m Kayla Campbell.


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