ICS introduces peer student advisors program

The outside of Atherton Union. Collegian file photo. 

JOE KRISKO | STAFF REPORTER | jkrisko@butler.edu

Internship and Career Services recently introduced the Peer Career Advisor program, a new initiative this year that allows students to receive career advice from fellow students.  

This new peer career advisor program is run by Butler undergraduate students who have been trained to give quick advice to students looking to improve their resumes, prepare for interviews and more.

This resource could be helpful for students like sophomore pharmacy major Andrew Huerta, who said some of his biggest concerns for career development involve passing courses, networking and “actually finding something that I like to do.”

Nearly every student goes through the process of trying to get internships and jobs, during and after their time at Butler. This program addresses the often daunting task of finding internships and jobs by offering students a chance to get help from someone who might have a different perspective than a traditional career advisor.  

“Because peer-to-peer interactions are different from some of the interactions that staff mentors have… the idea was just born to create some of these really great connections so that students can engage with their fellow Butler students,” said Alyssa Laskowski, the administrative assistant at ICS and head PCA.

PCA is based off the beta program ICS ran last year called Peer Ambassador. The program has evolved to focus on allowing students to create connections with their peers in order to get advice related to career development.  

“It covers the gambit of anything in terms of what the career development process encompasses,” Laskowski said.

Justin Poythress, a senior accounting and finance major is one of three peer career mentors.

“We can help you out wherever a student is at,” Poythress said. “If they are in a place where they are having an existential crisis, they don’t know what to do or if they just need help tailoring up a resume.”

Students interested in utilizing the peer career mentors can do so by visiting during office hours in the ICS offices of Atherton Union 315.

Office hours are Mondays through Thursdays from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. No appointments are necessary. Sessions last between 15 and 30 minutes.


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