Editor’s picks: Too many similarities to choose

I’m certainly no expert at filling out tournament brackets to begin with, but the parity among this year’s field made it even more difficult for me this time around.

My picks should be taken with a grain of salt, as experts would likely deem some of them foolish.

Final Four

No. 4 Saint Louis (Midwest); No. 2 Ohio State (West); No. 1 Kansas (South); No. 2 Miami, Fl. (East)

While parity does exist throughout the tournament field, the No. 1 and 2 seeds are a fairly safe bet in the end. Saint Louis has the chance to surprise down the road.



Kansas is a defense-oriented team, and that defense is more than capable of taking the Jayhawks to the National Championship game.


Ohio State

I really don’t like my championship pick that much, but the Buckeyes are coming off a Big Ten Championship and could really benefit from being on the low end of the West Region bracket.

Team to watch

No. 14 Northwestern State (South)

The Demons have a series of potentially favorable matchups, starting with a Florida squad that could still be reeling from a loss to Ole Miss in the SEC Championship game.

Team that will disappoint

No. 1 Indiana (East)

Anything short of a Final Four appearance would largely be considered a disappointment for the Hoosiers, who I think will struggle with Miami in an Elite Eight matchup.


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