Editor’s picks: Safe bets and underdogs

This college basketball season made this bracket one of the toughest to choose. We’ve seen countless games won on last-second shots, and no number-one team was ever at the top for long.

I am definitely no expert, but I tend to go with the safe bets, even though I secretly cheer for the underdogs every time.

Final Four

No. 1 Louisville (Midwest), No. 2 Ohio State (West), No. 5 VCU (South), No. 2 Miami, Fl. (East)

The No. 1 seeds are overrated for the most part, leading to two powerful No. 2  teams having the strongest showing. But there had to be at least a semi-Cinderella in the mix, with VCU seeing success in the weaker South bracket.

Runner up

Miami, Fl.

The Hurricanes are a good team, but the squad’s ultimate lack of experience and the toll it will take on them to get past IU will be too much to overcome.


Ohio State

Behind the play of Deshaun Thomas, the Buckeyes are peaking at the right time and will carry their momentum to a National Championship.

Team to watch

No. 6 Butler (East)

You can never really count out Butler. I know, a stereotypical Butler answer, but with people already calling an upset on the Bulldogs, you have to imagine Butler will thrive in its oh-so-familiar Cinderella role.

Team that will disappoint

No. 1 Indiana (East)

With the talent and expectations of this team, anything less than a National Championship would be a disappointment.  The possibility of not making it to Atlanta would make this a great time for police to stock up on tear gas and pepper spray.


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