Editor’s picks: Count on the sports newbie

March is about the only time I care to pay attention to sports. The world of college basketball makes me nervous, and Butler games make me feel like I’m going to have a heart attack. March is the one month I can bear to watch.

I am truly an outsider to this bracket thing, but I still fill one out each year. And I always lose. For your entertainment, here are my picks this season.

Final Four

No. 1 Louisville (Midwest), No. 2 Ohio State (West), No. 5 VCU (South), No. 6 Butler (East)

Louisville will power through the region. Ohio State will make it to the Final Four just so that everyone can hit up social media and claim their Buckeye pride. I chose VCU and Butler because it’s hard to count them out.

Runner up


The Cardinals’ momentum will continue well into the final game. But then, they will slow down and lose.



I am extremely optimistic, but how could I cheer against the Bulldogs? No one ever puts money on Butler, but this could be our year.

Team to watch

No. 7 Creighton (Midwest)

As an Evansville native, it hurts me to say that the Purple Aces’ Missouri Valley Conference foe will be the team to watch. Creighton will power through until the Elite Eight. I just feel it.

Team that will disappoint

No. 2 Duke (Midwest)

There are very few teams I like less than the Blue Devils. There are few reasons to like them. They are sure to fall apart under pressure, disappointing the tens of actual Duke fans and millions of bandwagon fans across the United States.


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