OPINION | Workloads during Homecoming week should decrease

Homecoming is a time for the entire student body to come together.

Unfortunately, many couldn’t fully participate because they had homework.

Homecoming is an important weekend and only comes around once a year.

Teachers should try to accommodate students and lighten our workload.

Many students had major assignments due after Fall Break, only to get hammered with homework again the next week.

College is supposed to be challenging, but to overload students, especially when professors know there are so many activities happening on campus, is not right.

If nothing else, professors should assign work that is due at the beginning of the week.

This would allow students to be free at the end of the week when most of the larger events happen.

Having assignments due at the end of the week or next week is difficult because students either miss out on the Homecoming experience or face a mountain of work the following week.

Homecoming is supposed to be a memorable time.

We have the end of the semester to be locked in the library in a deep study mode.

Many of my friends stayed in for the weekend because they had too much work to finish.

We have approximately 32 weeks of schooling each year.

Certainly teachers can lighten the load for one of those weeks.

Many pharmacy students who have clusters this week stayed in Friday and Saturday night to study for upcoming tests.

Students from other colleges and studies also felt the pressure of school work leading into Homecoming.

“People have a lot on their plate,” freshman Paul Babbitt said.

From top to bottom, students feel overwhelmed with the amount of work they have.

Professors were in college—they have to realize that students only get so many homecomings.

They should also realize that students in campus organizations have to participate in the events going on around campus.

This will cut down on the amount study time they have, and their grades could suffer from it.

It is in everyone’s best interest to lighten the workload, if for no other reason, to have a great homecoming weekend.


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