EOC policy review expected

The Election Oversight Committee’s policies regarding Student Government Association elections are under review for possible adjustment.

SGA President Mike Keller said a few issues with the policy need to be brought to attention.

Last year, the election was separated into two elections after four candidates were narrowed down to two, but the rules did not allow for the election results to be released.

“Both myself and the other candidate thought that those results should be released,” Keller said, “but the EOC stuck with the old rules.”

He said the current rules prohibit anyone who is not registered as a campaign volunteer to post about a certain candidate on social-networking sites.

“Not allowing people who aren’t registered volunteers to post anything at all makes the whole ordeal inconvenient, and I think that needs to be looked at,” Keller said.

James Schubert, last year’s EOC chairman and a current member, said the election results not being revealed last year was an issue, but he said other issues need to be looked at as well.

“I think freshmen need to be allowed on the committee,” Schubert said, “because last year, I and another freshman were allowed on, and that should be permanently allowed in the rules.”

Caroline Huck-Watson, PuLSE office director, said she will help the EOC with issues and provide historical context if issues have been brought up in the past.

“We will take a look at the guidelines and review them,” Huck-Watson said. “One thing that is not within the guidelines as of now is the release of election results, so we will review that.”

She said the committee has four of the seven needed members. Once the committee is full, the review process will begin.

“I don’t want to have any part in the review process,” Keller said. “I want the EOC to look through the policies, make recommendations, then pass them on to SGA to vote on and get the new rules set in stone this semester.”

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