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EOC policy review expected

The Election Oversight Committee’s policies regarding Student Government Association elections are under review for possible adjustment. SGA President Mike Keller said a few issues with the policy need to be brought to attention. Last year, the election was separated into two elections after four candidates were narrowed down to two, but the rules did not

Without amendment, SGA committee may not fill

The Butler University Student Government Association hopes to settle confusion over the eligibility of some members who sit on a key election committee. A vote is scheduled in this afternoon’s assembly on whether to suspend a provision of the SGA constitution that requires members of the Election Oversight Committee to have served at least two

OPINION | SGA would rather go around constitution than amend it

While we’ve come to expect federal government officials bickering among one another and not serving their constituents, we do not expect such acts from Butler University’s Student Government Association. It is appalling that such an important group on campus is in such disarray. One recent point of contention: SGA can’t agree on whether to follow