Welcome back, Jimmy

Once Jimmy Fallon saw Butler University’s flash mob YouTube video, he said he couldn’t wait to visit during his week-long visit to Indianapolis for the Super Bowl. Before delivering a hilarious two-hour show on Sunday, Fallon sat down with The Collegian to discuss bulldogs, Steak ‘n Shake and traveling with his show for the very first time. Unfortunately, he didn’t mention his surprise campus visit to Schwitzer Hall and Atherton Union that he made on Monday night.

Collegian: Did you see the flash mob or any of the Butler tweets? Did that influence you to come?
Jimmy Fallon: I absolutely saw the flash mob. It was amazing. The “Jimmy Back to Butler” campaign was getting some steam. I saw it on Twitter and remember thinking like, that’s awesome, because we’re going out there.

Then I saw the link to the YouTube video, and that was the one that really floored me. I couldn’t believe it. It was one of the coolest things. Everyone doing the Jimmy Fallon dip, and you had the mascot out there. It was so positive and so cool. So much hard work went into that. So it made me call up the school and go, “Hey, how do we set this up?” Literally, this is our only night off while we’re out here in Indianapolis, so I was like, “We’re ready to play, if you guys are ready to play.” We talked to the school, and they were great with setting it up, and now, here we are.

We were running around today; I probably still have makeup on because I was dressed as a woman. The “Real Housewives of Late Night” come to Indy for the Super Bowl: that’s one of the sketches we’re doing. I don’t want to give that many spoilers away, but five or six Colts are doing it as well. They play their wives. It’s really awkward. They’re not good actors, but they’re really funny. It’s very, very good. Some of them are good actors, actually. You’ll see it on Thursday night. It’s definitely something I don’t think Colts fans have ever seen.

This is our first time on the road and first time doing a live show. We’re psyched to come to Indianapolis. We wanted to come with our guns blazing, you know.

On Super Bowl Sunday, we’re doing a live show, our first ever. And so, we’re going to do a spoof of what could have been the the half time show. We’re going to imitate LMFAO, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Eminem, Bruno Mars. I don’t know who else. There’s so many. I’m blanking out. It’s pretty silly. It’ll be fun. That’s Sunday night.

We’re going to do a musical opening of the show with Butler students too. And we’re getting Blue Two. He’s got a lot of followers on Twitter. He’s a very popular dog. He couldn’t make it tonight. He’s too busy. He’s got a previous engagement.

Collegian: How long have you been here? What have you done so far?

Jimmy Fallon: I’ve been here two days. It’s gorgeous. We’ve been all over the place, shot last night on the streets. We’re redoing the opening of the show. Normally, it’s me running through the streets of New York City. Now, it’s me running through the streets of Indianapolis. We got a lot of great shots of the streets and we saw some kids—gotta have love for IUPUI. They’re people too, so some of them are in the opening. We also got to go to Lucas Oil Stadium last night. We got to go out on the field. It was pretty insane. It’s a gorgeous stadium. It’s unbelievable. I’ve never seen anything like it. Did a lot of running though there—I think I ran 700 yards. I was hurting last night.

We were also at the Circle and saw the monuments. We tried to squeeze in all we possibly could. We’re going to the race track tomorrow and doing a head swap, which involves switching people’s heads on their bodies. This one’s pretty crazy. It involves kidnapping Bob Costas. Marco Andretti is going to help us out with that, get a real Indy driver.

Collegian: What’s going to be different about the show?

Jimmy Fallon: Well, the opening is a love letter to Indy. The Super Bowl Village is just packed with people. There really is no option but to stay there. That’s where everything is. It’s great, but it was hard getting footage and running around with cameras. But really, it turned out great. Everyone is in great spirits. It feels like you guys have done this before, even though you haven’t.

It’s fun because everyone has really come together [on the show]. It’s like camp, because we’re like strangers here, and we know New York like the back of our hand. Usually, we’ll just meet up, but now we’re like “Hey, where are you going for dinner? Oh, where are you going for breakfast? Are you awake yet? Are you asleep yet?’”

Everyone has been so hospitable and so nice, giving us recommendations for restaurants, bars, for anything we want to see. Mug-n-Bun has come up a couple times. We’ve been to Steak ‘n Shake and St. Elmo’s. We had the shrimp cocktail.

One of my producers was like, “It wasn’t that hot.” I sat there just waiting for him to take a second bite, because clearly he didn’t do it right. Then he started coughing. It was addictive pain. It hurts, but I want one more!

Collegian: Who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl?

Jimmy Fallon: I’m from New York, so the Giants. I’m actually a Jets fan, so you go with the Jets as far as they can, then root for the Giants.

Really, this is being nerdy, but I just want a good, close game, because then, people won’t tune out of the Super Bowl. They’ll keep their eyes glued to the TV, and then, we get good ratings.

Collegian: Final question: Who would win in a fight—you, Conan, Stewart or Colbert?

Jimmy Fallon: I’m a lover, not a fighter. But if they asked, I wouldn’t be opposed to a four-way.

Be sure to catch “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” all this week at 12:35 a.m. on NBC for his special Indianapolis episodes.

The show will be taped at the Hilbert Circle Theatre, located downtown.


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