Demetri Martin’s guide to comedy and touring

He’s known for his stints on “The Daily Show,” the lead role in Ang Lee’s “Taking Woodstock” and his very particular brand of stand-up­—complete with guitar strumming and drawing on a large notepad.

Now, he’s writing a book. There doesn’t seem to be much that Demetri Martin can’t do. That’s why we can’t wait until Martin performs next week at the Egyptian Room at the Old National Centre. Martin was kind enough to grant us a short—and very entertaining—interview about what we can expect.

Collegian: You use a lot of different elements in your shows. How did these ideas come to you?

Demetri Martin: When I first started, I just did one-liners because that’s what I felt comfortable with and that’s as much time I had. Using a notepad came from the fact that I would draw my idea out most of the time and I wanted to see if I could do it onstage. With the guitar, I just started trying stuff out and didn’t really worry about how good I was.

C: What can we expect from the show?

DM: For the first five shows [which includes Indianapolis], there will be plenty of new material, guitar playing, my large pad—trying to work the crowd, you know.

C: So, this is your first novel. What were your expectations and how did it follow through?

DM: I’m proud of it. I’m really pleased that I got a chance to do it. I really want to write another, so I am. I got the deal a couple weeks back.

C: How have you evolved as a comedian?

DM: I’m getting more personal and having more contact with the audience. It’s more of a conversation now. I think I’ve evolved a little bit.

C: What’s life like on tour? Any downfalls?

DM: It’s like being a traveling salesman or drifter. It’s also really hard to eat well, especially at an airport. They try to sell these muffins to appeal to you but a muffin is just a doughnut in different shape. I end up feeling like shit, probably because I just ate ten doughnuts this week. Maybe I’m just getting old.


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