‘Whiskers and Paws’ to help Humane Society cause

HUMANE SOCIETY OVERCROWDING: Members of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars are working to help with the overcrowding problem at the Indianapolis Humane Society. (Photo courtesy of Amy Gaisser)

As Indianapolis Humane Societies (IHS) fill up, students on campus are looking for ways to help out.
The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) of Butler University is joining forces with the IHS to help raise money to pay for costly medical expenses the many dogs and cats have racked up, sophomore and vice president of community service Amy Gaisser said.
“It’s important to get involved in something in your own community,” Gaisser said. “The animals can’t help themselves.”
After making a trip to the IHS, Gaisser said the NSCS decided it would be one of the group’s philanthropy projects.
IHS is able to hold 300 animals, but more than 550 cats and dogs are currently at the shelter.
This means some animals are at risk of being euthanized.
However, the threat of euthanasia isn’t the only thing working against these animals. A lot of the animals suffer from health problems that range in severity.
“Some of them are suffering from things like eye problems, while others are bigger problems like heartworm,” Gaisser said.
In order to help out IHS, 1,000 T-shirts were donated to the Butler chapter of NSCS to sell this week at Starbucks.
Since the shirts were donated, Gaisser said all of the profits will go straight to the IHS shelters around town.
“Right now we’re hoping to sell all of the shirts for $5 each,” Gaisser said. “That will give the humane society $5,000 that they did not have before, and that can get a lot done.”
Shirts will be on sale through tomorrow on the Starbucks patio. They are $5 and come in three different colors.
For students wishing to help, but unable to purchase the IHS T-shirt, Gaisser said the IHS is also looking for volunteers to walk, clean and feed the shelter animals.


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