Egypt Central to rock Indy’s Emerson Theater

Celebrating their ninth anniversary as a band in October, the members of Egypt Central are on a roll, making a stop in the Circle City to provide fast guitar riffs and deep vocals.
The alternative rock band plays the Emerson Theater tonight at 6:30 p.m. (4630 E. 10th St.) with Nonpoint. Tickets are $20, and it is an all ages show.
Egypt Central formed when members Heath Hindman and John Falls were looking to put a band together and found Blake Allison and Joey Chicago.
At the time, Allison and Chicago were playing in bands in Memphis, Tenn.
“We would practice in an old school building. Now it’s broke down,” Chicago said.
With Falls on vocals, Allison on drums, Chicago on bass and Hindman on guitar and back-up vocals, it wasn’t much longer until the members of Egypt Central saw the results of their hard work.
“Within eight months, after eight shows, we ended up getting a [record] deal,” Chicago said.
Emerson Central employs a solid beat, reminiscent of steady rock and roll. The drums and bass sound similar to REO Speedwagon, while the vocals and overtones have a death metal influence.
The band caught the attention of former Lava Records CEO Jason Flom.
After listening to their demo and seeing Egypt Central perform live, Flom signed the band.
Their debut album was recorded with producer Josh Abraham in Los Angeles.
Since then, Egypt Central’s music has appeared in several movies.
Their song “Taking You Down” can be found on the soundtrack of “The Cave” and the song “Over and Under” was featured on the soundtrack for the movie “The Condemned.”
Chicago said Egypt Central has developed a message for its fans: “Continue to fight and be determined by what you believe in, life throws different curves at you all the time.”
The members of Egypt Central enjoy seeing their music come full circle, as well as seeing how their fans react.
“[We like] The completion of everything,” Chicago said, “the energy that I get out of the fans. We want you to be satisfied.”
The band will begin recording a new album in Nashville on Oct. 11, with an expected release date in early 2011.
If you’re unable to make it to tonight’s show, Egypt Central will be performing in Evansville, Ind., on Sept. 17 at Woody’s West, where ticket prices range from $15 to $18, and the concert is open to people ages 21 and over.
For more updates and news on Egypt Central, you can check out
The site includes personal messages to the fans, footage from their tour, studio footage and a look into what the and is all about.
Chicago said, “We pride ourselves in being energetic and entertaining.”


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