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For your health: Many exercises available for non-gym rats

Not all exercises are created equal. Fitness fanatics and gym gurus throw countless routines into media circulation every day, making simple, fun workouts rarer than the Butler Camel. Fortunately, fun fitness alternatives to pumping iron or hitting the treadmill do exist. Below are four physical activities that exercise amateurs and experts alike will enjoy. YOGA

For Your Health: Certain foods aid college life

Eating healthy is hard. Eating healthy in college is even more difficult. Stress, busy schedules and late nights create an on-the-go atmosphere conducive to late-night Cheetos binges. Fortunately,  dining options are available for students or anyone living a busy, tight-walleted lifestyle. Below are six staple college foods primed to help you live a healthier lifestyle.

For your health: wellness on tap

Imagine a drink that energizes, increases muscle volume, improves cognitive performance, curbs appetite, lifts your mood and cures hangovers—all while registering at zero calories. This wonder drink is actually a reality. In fact, it’s on tap. Chemists call it oxidane. We know it as water. We all know water is important, but how much H2O