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Selling songs with nostalgia

“‘If we stop now and focus on nostalgia and try to bring back albums and songs that [already had their moment], then we're not setting the stage for [new] creativity.’”

Senior Sendoff: Making my mark

“I’d never written for a newspaper prior to college, and I didn’t think that would be something that would particularly interest me once in college. I spent my first two years of college without the Collegian and decided to join on a whim — thankfully it worked out.”

Dawgs with Style: Dr. Cynthia Chen

“I started caring less about what people say. [Style] is about who I am — not who I should be. I shouldn't be defined by how I look or what I choose to wear.”

Comforting cartoons

“‘Looking back on cartoons from when I was a kid has taught me so many new lessons as an adult. Sometimes I need that little reminder that I have good people around me.’”

The comforting palate of Midtown Provisions

“The quesadilla crust was speckled with the perfect amount of brown, and I can confirm it did not lose any crispiness when reheated in a pan over an Apartment Village stove.”

Bulldogs of Butler: Business in Healthcare Club

“‘I would like Business in Healthcare Club to continue to grow and prosper and really develop itself within the vision I have, but also to take into consideration new thoughts and ideas.”’