Welcome to the Team: Posh Alexander

Senior point guard Posh Alexander led the Big East in steals per game last season at two. Photo by Jada Gangazha. 

SARAH HOHMAN | SPORTS EDITOR | shohman@butler.edu

“Welcome to the Team” is a Q&A series where the Collegian sits down with student-athletes who are entering their first season at Butler University. These articles will address why they chose Butler, what they hope to get out of their first season and some personal tidbits that you won’t find anywhere else

From Big East Freshman of the Year and Co-Defensive Big East Player of the Year in 2021 to the conference leader in steals for all three years at St. John’s, Posh Alexander has certainly accumulated individual accolades. However, the point guard desired change. On April 26, 2023, Alexander committed to Butler as a transfer with two years of eligibility remaining. 

Last season for the Red Storm, Alexander averaged 10 points, 4.2 assists and 3.9 rebounds in 30 games. The guard brings a defensive presence to this Butler team along with the ability to share the ball and set up his teammates for success. 

This week, sports editor Sarah Hohman sat down with senior point guard transfer Posh Alexander who is joining the men’s basketball team this season

SARAH HOHMAN: What went into your decision to transfer to Butler? 

POSH ALEXANDER: I just wanted to get a new scenery. When I came on my visit and I met with coach Thad and all the other coaches, [they] just had a lot of love, and I was able to connect with them right away. They actually care about you as a person. 

SH: How would you describe this Butler basketball team? 

PA: Gritty. Toughness. 

SH: What has the transition from St. John’s to Butler been like? 

PA: It has been a little hard sometimes. I got home sick [and] wanted to see family but me being in Indiana is probably best for me in the long run. [I’m] trying to help my family, and I feel like I’m around the right group of guys, [the] right group of coaches. And it’s just a lot different from New York. Everything is slow paced here. In New York everything is fast paced. I just like it here so far. 

SH: What matchup are you looking forward to the most? 

PA: Every one, every one. 

SH: What has it been like having Thad Matta as a coach and how would you describe his coaching style? 

PA: Thad is a great coach. He’s a laid back coach, but when something goes wrong, he will get a little mad, you know. Just having a coach like that … Just playing under him is a blessing, and I can’t wait to start up the basketball season with Thad and with this team. 

SH: Who is someone who has inspired you in your collegiate career? 

PA: I really use my mom for motivation and my family. 

SH: What quality do you think is most important in a point guard? 

PA: [I think] it’s just really running a team [and] trying to lead your team. As a point guard you always want to try and make your teammates happy — sharing a goal [with your teammates], making sure they get the ball, making sure they score. Just having a happy program because having a happy program leads to success. 

SH: Is there anything you specifically worked on this offseason? 

PA: Just relaxing when I got the ball and really just working on my jump shot. 


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