A new look at ResCo

ResCo has a new look this year and Multimedia Reporter Teddy Wynard gives us a glimpse.


Butler University’s ResCo Hall has got some new renovations over the summer

The building, which was first built in 1988, has undertaken a large amount of renovations over the summer and the first came with a new walkway and hangout spot in the courtyard. The finishing touches are still being put on at this time.  

The biggest renovation took place inside of the building, as the dining area looks brand new with new flooring, furniture, and much much more

One of the parts that is missing from ResCo Hall, is their food options which has caused backups at other dining halls on campus

So if you’re used to eating a nice ResCo bowl or chicken sandwich, you’re going to have to wait a few months before those return to the menu

The other part of the renovation came to the upstairs study areas, where students can now relax and work on homework and projects with their fellow classmates

Ian Van Every, a sophomore sports media major, talked about what he liked and missed about ResCo Hall

“I enjoyed more about the space and you know just being able to go back to the room, I liked connecting with suitemates. So you know, a little bit of privacy but not too much. I enjoyed living with my roommate, we were friends so you can just hang out and have fun. I really do miss the food, I love ResCo food, but I guess I’ll also just miss the freshman vibe getting to know the campus a bit” (Van Every)

Although ResCo Hall isn’t up and running like usual, there is much to look forward to as the building finishes out its remodel. For the Butler Collegian, I’m multimedia reporter, Teddy Wynard



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