Dawgs on the Street: New Bulldogs on the block

Multimedia reporters Jack Francis and Kayla Campbell take us around campus to ask first years about their experience so far.


“Hi, I’m Kayla Campbell here with” (Kayla) 

“Jack Francis.” (Jack) 

“And this is Dawgs on the Street.” (Kayla and Jack) 

“Let’s see what our first years are up to. Hi, who am I here today?” (Kayla) 

“My name is Maddie Boarman.” (Maddie) 

“Maddie, how was your first year experience going so far?” (Kayla) 

“My first year is literally amazing. I’ve met so many people, and I’ve gone to a lot of club things, and I’m just so excited.” (Maddie) 

“All right, thank you for answering the question. I’m so glad you’re loving it here.” (Kayla) 

“Thank you. ” (Maddie) 

“Hi, who am I here with today?” (Kayla) 

“Thomas. ” (Thomas) 

“Thomas, what is one Butler hot take that you have?” (Kayla) 

“Um, I think the SOGs are overworked. They were really stressing during orientation week.” (Thomas) 

“Good answer. Thank you. Hi, who am I here with today?” (Kayla) 

“Ryan Burns.” (Ryan) 

“Ryan, what is the most shocking thing about Butler that you have experienced so far as a first year?” (Kayla) 

“The most shocking thing for me has been my transition. I’m in the marching band. And so I’ve been here a little bit longer than some other freshmen. But I think the transition from my home life to school has been very fun and very awesome. It’s been much easier than I thought.” (Ryan) 

“Okay, I’m glad you’re enjoying it here. Thank you for answering our question.” (Kayla) 

“Thanks.” (Ryan) 

“And who am I here with today?” (Jack)
“Joe.” (Joe) 

“And Joe, Why did you choose Butler?” (Jack) 

“Butler really excited me because of like the different opportunities that they had especially like after college and, you know, preparing you for mentorships and internships and different jobs like that.” (Joe) 

“That’s a great answer. Thank you, Joe.” (Jack) 

“Of course.” (Joe) 

“With The Butler Collegian, I’m Kayla Campbell.” (Kayla) 

“And I’m Jack Francis and this was” (Jack) 

“Dawgs on the Street.” (Jack and Kayla) 

“Have a great day Dawgs!” (Kayla) 



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